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    Can you self administer the defibrillator? If not I will be up **** creek. Maybe the dogs can hook me up. Ken
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    No Fishing

    Hope things pan out OK CB. Ken
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    To our Australian Friends

    No, I've never seen them. Probably something that people would be trying to flog in those tree changer lyfestyle type magazines. Ironbark would be the timber of choice here and now a lot of drill pipe hammered in is being used especially with the dog and kangaroo exclusion fencing. Ken
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    Feeling Thankful

    You're very optimistic Shaz. Ken
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    Hey hello howdy.

    We get a bit too boring for Shell at times so she has a bit of time out and then comes back. I didn't realise you were an adult Shell. Welcome back Shell. Ken
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    The questions people ask

    Over here, how many cows or how much land you own would not be considered a nosey question. Most people would answer honestly. It is just a curiosity question. Ken
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    Some good photo opportunities there. Ken
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    Fence line hay feeder

    Looks very solid, is that 50x50mm SHS. What wall thickness did you use? Ken
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    I often wonder

    They complain. Ken
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    Calf drown

    I would have liked to have seen that. A bit like my wife, she has been known to throw herself into dangerous situations but only to do with horses. Ken
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    Fsa idemity program...need advise!!

    When you lie, you gotta have a good memory. Ken
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    Cow not eating after birth

    I thought you were worried about the cow not eating her afterbirth. Welcome Beth. If she had a fever at least that is a start there, sounds like an antibiotic deficiency as well as a deficiency in Banamine. Ken
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    2019 Dodge diesel trek

    If things are getting tight you will feel it through the steering wheel. Just don't ignore it. Ken
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    Skite. Ken
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    Stunted bull

    I wouldn't get too hung up over his EPD's. If you are thinking of using him I would primarily be looking at his phenotype, is he the sort of bull that you want to use. Bring him home and feed him a bit, see if he starts to shape into the type of bull you were hoping for. Ken
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    Buy cattle in spring sell in winter

    Well that is nothing to be ashamed of, you should have been straight forward with us from the beginning. It looks like a very nice farm and a well thought out operation. You must be very proud of it. Which one is you, I'm guessing Kirsten. We are not here to run any one down, everyone is treated...
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    Thawing out a frozen newborn

    Sounds very tough. Ken
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    Noob to Angus cattle and EPDs

    I am an advocate for higher milk than has been put forward on the proviso that 1st calvers go back in calf. I think milk goes hand in hand with WW. You just can't get good weaning weights without sufficient milk. I do like pushing the limits though, see how far I can go. Ken
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    What do people do if the power goes out and they have no propane heaters or no wood fire, how do they keep warm? Do people get found dead in their house? Most people are not as practical or resourcefull as farmers. Ken
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    2021 calving!

    Looks like a better day there Nesi. Ken