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    New Holland TN85A

    I’m looking at this tractor at auction l. Does anyone have any input on the quality of this model?
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    I have my 1600 lb bull in an acre lot and there is no pasture left due to the drought. How much feed should give him per day?
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    Weaning replacement heifers

    How much feed should they get daily if they have plenty of pasture?
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    Twin Heifers

    I had a cow with twin heifers This past fall. I ended up bottle feeding one and the cow accepted the 2nd one. The 2nd one really looks good and I was wandering being a twin should I keep her or not?? Will she breed okay?
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    Disk mower clogging

    I have a Kuhn GMD 600 that in thick orchard grass clogs on the outside corner. The grass is thick and had already put seed on. This was last year and I’m just seeing what I might could do before this season.
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    Bull breeding age

    I have 2 bulls that I am raising. The are both out of Hoover Dam. I normally turn my bull out by January 1st. The bulls will be 13 months at this date. I have 20 cows. Would the be able to breed?
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    When to breed

    I had a heifer standing at 11:30am And this was the last time I seen her standing. What would be the latest time to breed her?
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    Electric Fence Wire

    What size wire would you consider the best to use?
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    KG Justified

    Have you used him on angus heifers? what are your thoughts?
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    Breeding Heifers

    I have 3 heifers to breed. I’m looking for a good CED bull with low birthweight. What’s your recommendation?
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    Cow and twins

    A cow had twins and took off with one and left the other behind. I took the one bacto her but all she would do is kick and butt her away. Is there anything I can do?
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    Feeding weaned heifers

    How much 14% course feed should I feed 550 lb Heifers that I’m keeping as replacements.
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    Back rubs

    What do you use on your back rubs?
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    New Holland workmaster 75

    What are your thoughts on this tractor?
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    Long Range

    How long have you used and what are your thoughts after using for several years.
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    Triangle 10 dosage

    I accidentally gave 10 ml instead of 5 ml. What if any problems will it cause?
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    Red Angus

    Can you give a list of bulls that make good female replacements?
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    Heifer not allowing calf to nurse

    The heifer would butt and kick the calf when trying to nurse. What can you do and how long would you wait before stepping in?
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    Purina Wind and Rain Mineral

    I presently feed our local Co-op mineral and thinking about going to the wind and rain from Purina. The cost is more and I’m curious if my cattle will benefit from changing. Any thoughts on this?
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    Tar River saya-507

    Anyone know anything about this no till drill? Good or bad investment??