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    When do you brush hog?

    I used to mow once seed heads emerged in May and then again early August. This year is the first year that I haven't mowed anything and I have more grass than ever even with the drought conditions throughout July. I am not planning to mow this fall either since the weeds haven't come in bad. I...
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    DDG in an Upright Bin ?

    You'll want a rubber mallet to beat on the side walls and a stick to shove up the bottom opening to break up the clumps. I wouldnt use an upright bin if its going to sit in there long because like others said it likes to cake up
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    Guess I’m selling the wrong kind /Craigslist

    Yes we sold out with that offer. I probably should of stayed into it a little longer because so far that market is still really strong :unsure:
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    Continue Baling or Change Course

    I sold the hay equipment two years ago and started buying locally. I made sure to have a reliable and fair supplier before making the decision. I also have enough old barns on my place to keep 2 years worth of hay so its kind of like drought insurance for me. I think you will find that buying it...
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    Which type of waterer?

    I would go with tire water tanks. We put in the concrete tanks and they are a pain in the butt. Starting to switch everything over to tire tanks. Rubber Innovations is out of north west Missouri and sell factory defect earth moving tires that are cut for you. Very affordable and the tires i got...
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    Mowing Pastures

    Is anyone cutting back or not clipping their pastures due to fuel prices? I typically would have most of the heads clipped off by now but i cant bring myself to do it with fuel prices this year. I believe I am going to wait until August this year. Typically I would mow once most seed heads...
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    Guess I’m selling the wrong kind /Craigslist

    My wife got into the mini highlands. The market is great for them right now as pets. We ended up having someone offer to buy the whole herd and averaged sale price was around 6k a piece. I would buy back into them but you cant find any quality miniatures for under 5k a piece and I think it will...
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    Disk mower clogging

    Check the outside hubs for scratches or nicks. It wont take much for it to catch the hay and make it start wrapping around itself. I dont know what the drum on the Kuhn looks like but if there is a cap on top of the drum makes sure its not making the hay get pinched or caught. On my Case IH...
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    Ford 6610 cold start

    Looks like its already been posted. You must have the older models 6610. On the older fords this button is on the injector pump. Put throttle wide open, hit the button (Should stay down), shot of starting fluid in air intake and crank. Once fired up release throttle immediately to lower rpms
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    Sold my first group of cattle.

    Sounds like you are doing it right. Congrats on those prices.
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    Greg Judy and Profit per Acre

    Yea I saw that on their page. Great weaning weights and percentages. From what I remember Greg is doing the nearly year round calving because it helps with selling the finished steers throughout the year vs all of them being ready at once to his customers.
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    Greg Judy and Profit per Acre

    I have to agree with Stocker Steve. My budget sheet shows that I would be most profitable running my stocking rate for fall/ winter grazing. The only item I haven't fully jumped on board with yet is the spring calving to meet natures balance. My herd is all fall calving so I now take them...
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    Greg Judy and Profit per Acre

    I have always enjoyed Greg's content and its all been helpful. I don't think he is teaching to the extremes. He preaches smaller cattle size and that works for him with his direct marketing approach. If your marketing is the sale barn then yes your size would naturally go up a little from his...
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    Too Mineral or not...

    I'm still pretty young into my cattle adventure but I noticed more pink eye and foot problems on the year I was building my house and didn't keep up with it well. I will say that I have a separate loose salt feeder and now that I have that out my cows barely touch the loose minerals. Loose salt...
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    Hay Profits

    Does the sheet take into consideration all of the depreciation? Also think you need consider adding cost of taxes/ insurance for the land if not renting. Labor is also missing but with that many bales its going to take some outside labor force. Also agree with above on being able to sell all at...