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  1. tex452

    What to do with “purebred” black angus heifers?

    Me and my son are partners, he made a deal on thirty bred corriente heifers. When they unloaded them I said what is this, some were long horn cows that were 10 years old, when we palpated them only half were bred, I called the guy and told him that he advertised bred corriente heifers and there...
  2. tex452

    Southern folks...

    Slick d—- out of a lard bucket.
  3. tex452

    Southern folks...

    when ur walking outdoors and hit a cooler spot they use to say there’s a haint there.
  4. tex452

    Southern folks...

    First day of deer season and the Friday before was a national holiday for us growing up for sure. You left out usetacould.
  5. tex452

    Shorthorn Breeding

    My grandpas neighbor raised shorthorns and I have always liked them. They were easy to handle and good milkers for the most part. When I was a kid I loved their colors. It’s a shame they got pushed out, I don’t see them anymore.
  6. tex452


    But they still have motorcycles going up and down the highways. I knew so many people that got killed on these things in just a fender bender. I know this is a touchy subject, but I hate them. Lots of people love them though.
  7. tex452

    Dust in my Dodge!

    How is it suppose to be? Mine is always dirty. Lol
  8. tex452

    New Holland TN55S

    To work on roads, plow some and mow pasture.
  9. tex452

    New Holland TN55S

    I bought this tractor last weekend. I was going to buy a different tractor but I ran across this one that was more hp 4wd at a cheaper price, plus it was only 10 miles from my ranch in Coleman county, it’s just the side I have been looking for, plus I didn’t have to haul it across the state...
  10. tex452

    2023 Cow Crystal Ball

    Pastures are emptying fast here. I have some grass and hay. We have been buying wet bag 2-5 yo some are bred some not pp. we are putting some nice thin young cows together for resale next spring, if we are able to let them go. Lol. If the price is right I’m sure we will move them. If not we...
  11. tex452

    Daily Chuckle

    I heard it a little different. Carnation milk Best in the land Comes to you in a little red can No tits to pull No hay to pitch All you have to do is OPEN THE SOB
  12. tex452


  13. tex452

    Big runs at Texas sale barns

    I don’t agree with this totally because some do, but a lot of people are looking ahead including myself. Nobody likes what’s happening but it is what it is. For now I’m lucky and able to pick up some nice cheap cows, a lot are bred, we are planning on wintering these cows and selling them next...
  14. tex452

    JD 1997 5200 tractor

    I lit says upload file is too large
  15. tex452

    JD 1997 5200 tractor

    I was at my ranch in Coleman county this past weekend and ran across a New Holland TN55S 2000 year model, I don’t know how many hrs it was faded too much to be able to see. The guy used it to move rolls with mostly and had it out in the sun a lot. It runs good doesn’t smoke, it’s easy to haul...
  16. tex452

    Ok, which one of you is this?

    You on this
  17. tex452

    Ok, which one of you is this?

    I’m with on this.
  18. tex452

    Holstein Momma and Calf Wanted

    My grandparents milked two cows, they would use what they needed, skim the cream off what they didn’t use then feed the skim milk to the pigs with corn they grew. I bet they never heard the word prepper, it was just a way of life to them.
  19. tex452

    Bull breeding bred cows

    I have had this happen before. The strangest thing was a cow had a calf with after birth hanging and the bull bred her.
  20. tex452

    Roast from an older cow.

    Roast. One of my favorite cuts i Roast makes good sandwiches. I love roast and short ribs.