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    California bans calf roping

    Being able to rope a calf is something I would like to master but on foot. I have bought the rope but just haven't had the time to practice with it. Ken
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    Knot on neck

    If solid then good chance from a vaccine. Puss could be from a foreign body like a thorn or splinter, giving it a good slash and a hose out would be indicated. Serum you could drain it but more than likely will build up again so leave it alone to resolve itself. Ken
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    Knot on neck

    Stick a large gauge needle in it to see if it is fluid or fibrous. If fluid, serum or puss? That should give you an idea. Ken
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    New Ranch hand

    Well he hasn't started out too bloody well, sitting in the middle of the loungeroom. I'd cut that habit pretty quick. He looks like a beauty. Should keep the vampires away with that cross on his chest. Ken
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    Hi :D

    That's a bit of a harsh question Travlr. My money is on it being a pet. It probably has a name. Ask Fence about the ones with names. Ken
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    California bans calf roping

    I'm speaking about Australia, things are just too democratic here. Politicians listen too much to the extremists who make all the noise. They fund enquiries and throw money at experts to give their opinion. The experts think this is alright, easy money so tell them what they want to hear so more...
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    Hi :D

    Welcome Cowlady. We'll sort you out. Ken
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    California bans calf roping

    It's no use justifying what you do on here, you are preaching to the converted in most cases. I think being diplomatic with your descriptions would go a long way. Don't flaunt it on the cover of phone books, dragging to the fire replaced with brought to have a permanent ID applied. We need to be...
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    Full moon rise August 11 2022

    Yes Butch, I had a bit of a think about it and realised that the phase of the moon is the earths shadow on the moon and as the earth rotates over 24 hrs we all get to share that same phase of the moon. I guess I was just being a bit too lazy to think about the logistics of it. Last time I...
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    Full moon rise August 11 2022

    I haven't looked into the reason why but we seem to have our full moons the same dates as you do. Ken
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    Full moon rise August 11 2022

    Looks more like the sun setting. Ken
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    Honey Locust Trees

    A granular herbicide like Graslan spread around the root area would work well on those. Ken
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    Help! 6 Week old bull calf- joint ill

    I think Silver nailed it and as he said in a later post, big doses of long duration are required. My preference is for bacteriocidal antibiotics such as penicillin ( they actually kill the bacteria) as opposed to bacteriostatic antibiotics such as the oxytetracyclines LA300 (they just slow them...
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    New Holland TN55S

    Congratulations. What are your plans for it? Ken
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    Silver City

    Looks like a movie set. Ken
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    "Steer fry" went on the "range" yesterday

    Does the butcher come to your place to split the carcase? Over here farm slaughtered animals have to be processed on the farm, I think. Ken
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    What to do with “purebred” black angus heifers?

    If you unload them now you will also benefit by not having to feed them during your drought conditions.
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    One of those days

    Sorry to hear that, I was wondering whether she might actually get rid of the remains but I guess the effort must have been a bit too much for her. Ken
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    One of those days

    I those circumstances surviving was a good result. Ken
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    Possible Liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica)

    I really think you are beating around the bush a bit without at least getting some blood and faecal work done. Ken