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    Old Ford Loader

    Ford "one arm loaders" mounted to many an N, 600 and 800 series ford. They were from a time when the other option was a pitch fork and wheel barrow. They were no more stressful on the tractor than any other loader. Their purpose was like any other loader load and lift things.
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    Trailer decals

    Insurance also looks for every way possible to get out of paying. By advertising your business on the trailer are you a commercial trucking operation do you have all your ducks in a row? Possibly USDOT numbers, inspection, drug testing, etc? I'm not saying that you necessarily need all of that...
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    Swather and baler recommendations

    The baler/rake combo is only good if you live someplace you can bale immediately after the rake. So basically only a setup for hay making in the desert. At 90hp I would look for a 9' discbine with rolls or flails depending on crop. Buy a wheel rake that suits the mower size you have. I'm...
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    When do you brush hog?

    If I'm going to clip after grazing I try to do it before any weeds go to seed. Generally the earlier the better.
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    Trailer Wash

    The painted Wilson's are just that painted. With enough time and miles the paint gets beat up and it looks like a half painted trailer, lol.
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    New Holland TN55S

    Italian made utility NH tractor. Fairly light tractor and only like 45hp at the pto. 4 different transmission choices ranging from simple and bullet proof to complicated and somewhat reliable. Quiet little 3 cyl fuel sipper engine. The cab models have their share of AC and electrical issues.
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    Tractor Tranny Fluid Replacement ?

    Condensation will add a lot of moisture to oil. Some can be "burned off" by working the machine hard. But any water held in suspension is stuck there unless you have someone with a good filter cart that can cycle your oil thru. Oil changes are just a part of owning anything. Pay for oil now or...
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    Tractor Tranny Fluid Replacement ?

    Many tractor hydraulic oils have additives to keep any water in suspension in the oil. So there will be nothing to "drain off" even after sitting for months. Case ih "hy tran" is designed to absorb and "carry" up to 2% water. JD "hy gard" is designed to reject water. IIRC New Hollands current...
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    Tractor Tranny Fluid Replacement ?

    Diesel "might" loosen up some gunk and get it to drain out but other than that it won't do much. Just pull the drain plug/plugs and let it drain out, replace plug and refill. If the oil is super milky the new oil may get milky again quickly. So flush again and refill with new oil. Its...
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    Do you live on the farm?

    We live right on the highway and have neighbors 1/2 mile in either direction. A few hundred cars probably go by on any given day and the keys are in everything I own and the only thing locked is the gun safe. Only time the keys come out is when I'm in town. Also when I leave equipment in the...
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    Do you live on the farm?

    We own two farms about 6 miles apart as the crow flies and 9 miles by road we live at one and I have my main facilities and shop here the away farm is pasture and a place to work out of when making hay. I also make hay within about a 30 mile radius so I have a tool truck pretty well stocked up...
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    Round balers-twine or netting?

    Only place our ground freezes is where the snow is plowed off or packed down. So if you leave bales undisturbed under the snow you can move them in February and they will be hard to find but there will be mud underneath them and the wrap won't be froze at all. There is some positives to living...
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    Round balers-twine or netting?

    We get so much snow that usually if you leave bales buried under 2-5 feet of the white stuff they don't freeze at all. The ones that do freeze i set out on the flat sides and even at -20 if the sun beats on them for a few days they thaw out most of the way.
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    Jd 5045E

    Spend the 9k on MFWD now and enjoy its benefits everytime you use the tractor. Then when time to sell or trade in get your 9k back as the MFWD tractor will always be worth more.
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    Its hot

    Two mornings ago we tied a record low of 39 degrees, then the last few days have been in the low 70s. Could hit 80 by Monday.
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    Electromagnetic drill press

    They work really well on thick steel that will hold the magnet. Annular cutters are the cats meow. Thin steel expecially if the drill isn't laying flat horizontal can be an issue. Make sure you attach the safety chain to something so when it falls off it doesn't hit the ground.
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    John Deere 2755

    Here in 2022 all bets are off as far as equipment prices. Tractors i bought and sold 2-3 years ago for 20-25k are now fetching 30-50k at auction. Check out auction time and see if there's any very recent completed auctions on that model or similar models up and down a few sizes.
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    Trailer Wash

    Tag from my Wilson.
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