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  1. J

    Dog Mange

    I have lime and sulphur at home. Does anyone know how to mix this to make a dip for the mange ? Do I need both or just one ?
  2. J

    What was wrong with the site ?

    This is the first time in five days that I was able to log on. Does anyone know what the problem was or did I just get lucky today ?
  3. J

    Early morning redfish

    My seven year old son and I went down to the coast the other day to cut the grass at the camp. That evening we caught two before dark and geared up for the morning. At daylight we put the boat in the water and started catching some nice redfish. We were two shy of our limit when they stopped...
  4. J

    Tree Question

    I have a ten year old live oak tree that the storm split, up where the branches start to fork out. I cut off the broken section, and it left a pretty large scar. What can I paint on the scar to keep out the bugs and the rot until it heals itself ?
  5. J


    Hey it snowed at my house in south La ! First time since 1988. How bout that global warming.
  6. J

    Fuel Prices

    Bought gas for $2.19 a gallon the other day. Lowest I've seen in a long time. What are yall paying in your area ?
  7. J


    Went shrimping yesterday. Pulled my trawl for a few hours and caught 35 lbs. Not to good. Anybody else does this or is having any luck ?
  8. J

    Fish camp survives Ike

    Fish camp, before and after...
  9. J

    Scenes from south La after Ike

    Rounding up loose cattle marsh cane washed up on road Two of nine dead cows I seen from the road, many more out in the marsh.
  10. J

    Rice straw

    How many of yall ever bailed or fed rice straw. I just bought a few bales the other day and going to feed some this winter. The farmer I got it from said with all the fertilizer they use today on the crop it's not as poor as it used to be. He said it tested at 12%. So for $15 a 6x5 bale I'm...
  11. J

    Home Makeover

    Did yall see on the news today about the poor family that was chosen among 15,000 aplicants for home makeover to build them a new house. The show built them a new house, gave it to them free with the taxes paid for the next 25 years. The couple borrowed 450,000 on the house, can't pay their...
  12. J


    This is the third time my jip gets pregnant, and I don't want more puppies to get rid of. How many days from the time she has the puppies till she'll come in heat again ? I know someone will say to have her spade, but she is a registered catahula, and I wanted a registered litter. This time...
  13. J

    Hay prices

    How much are yall paying for small round bales of bermuda hay ? Guy by the house is baling some, grass looks pretty good, but I know it wasn't fertilized. He's asking $30 per bale picked up in the field.
  14. J

    Too Hot To Fish

    Spent most of the day the other day on the water, didn't catch anything but trash fish and sweated my but off. Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far, and I don't think I'm going back until it gets down to the upper 80's. 96 with a heat index well over a hundred is not a good day to play...
  15. J


    What happened to my jessie jackson post ? Did it get ugly, locked, now it's just erased.
  16. J

    Fuel from water

    I've been tinkering with this idea. I have a large canning jar filled with water, with a dual coil of stainless steel wire going down from the lid into the water. One coil is pos. the other is neg. Pos. and neg. coil are spaced abot 3/8" apart. When hooked up to a 12volt bat the charge breaks...
  17. J


    As of now, I still didn't get anything back, doubt that I will, and my wife just got an alarm system put in yesterday. So not only did he steal my tools, but our since of security to boot. :mad:
  18. J


    Termites started eating up my barn, so I had the exterminaters come and spray. It took them about three hours to drill all the post and a few places in the tool room and outdoor kitchen thats on the north wing of the barn. Plenty of time for the trashy helper to make a mental inventory of all my...
  19. J


    I heard that popcorn was invented by the indians. They would stick an arrow in the end of the cob and hold it over the fire and it would pop right on the cob. Has anyone heard this, did this, or is it BS ?
  20. J

    Good moma cat

    My monther gave me a moma cat and three kittens. They live upstairs at the barn. My six year old son is in charge fo feeding them. I asked him yesterday how the cats were and he had a blank loook on his face. I asked him when he fed them last and he told me two days ago. I fussed him for...