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    Another blinking yellow light
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    ....I got y’alls migrant/border wall thread shut down for advertising my flashing yellow lights. :cowboy:
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    Hedge posts

    Hi my name is Jim Thomas, I have an abundance of hedge on a couple of my farms, and I am looking for places to sell some really good hedge post (corners and line post) in some larger quantities. You may email me at [email protected] or call 618-423-2336. 618-292-4951 I am in Ramsey IL area. I...
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    2018 Silage Is In the Bag

    Finished up yesterday. Nothing better for a makeshift gymnasium than a couple bags of silage, and it's a pretty good place to catch an evening breeze and talk about the day, too. That puts enough feed on the ground to carry our little herd close to 900 days on a full ration. Grass looks...
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    For those of you who've had a bad day.......

    …....It coulda been worse. :lol:
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    I wish they'd just oulaw shooting people. ... spartandhp This should be illegal.
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    Educate me

    I've got about 15 acres that we've been trying to get a stand of grass on for the past couple of years, but unfortunately have missed the late summer/early fall rains we needed to get it up. Rather than let it sit idle again all summer, I'm thinking about an annual that we can sow when it warms...
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    It’s important...... keep deer out of vineyards, but more important to keep them out of the finished product.
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    Meeting a bear in North Kentucky

    Ron, we are headed south next Thursday. I can throw your wire in, if you want to pick it up in paradise. Haven't had a day off since Christmas, so the weekend will be spent with family. You are more than welcome to stay for supper if you like....plenty of room at our table. Bring Bear along...
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    For Greybeard

    I had to find a jack stand for my knee pad on the first make off of the morning.
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    20 years ago today.......

    .......was the beginning of the worst time in my life. There are hundreds of articles about my younger sister, and the lives that she changed, but this one seems the most fitting to share since it was written by my older sister. Molly saved several lives through organ donation, has given...
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    New Post Driver

    After a year and a half of searching for the best machine for our needs, the decision has been made. The biggest weight they can hang on this one is 70 pounds lighter than my current machine, which makes me a little nervous. (840 lbs vs 770) I've got the rock spike penciled in, but not sure...
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    Big thanks to the numb nutz that run this show ... spartandhp FWIW, that is the capacity of 256 Yeti 110's....that would cost $128,000. That would leave $23,872,000 to buy ice. At $2 a bag, that's nearly 12 million bags of ice. That works out to 46,625 bags of ice per cooler. At one bag per cooler...
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    All my ash trees are cooked

    We first spotted damage from the Emerald Ash Borer three years ago. I can't find a single Ash tree without bore holes and white patches of bark. I'll cut most of it for firewood, but might have a good bit of it sawn. Such a shame.....
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    Finishing the interior of a post frame building

    We are in desperate need of office space that isn't in our dining room, bedroom, or living room. We planned for this when we built the warehouse, and it's time to start making some sawdust. 60' wide building, and we are planning on finishing 16' on the end. (16x60 is what we have to work...
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    In need of a shop truck

    I need a pickup to get us through the winter. It'll be used for light deliveries, running errands, some light towing, personal use/keeping miles off the 5500, and some on the fence crew. I've been looking at some 2013 ish Chevy 2500s with the 6.0 gas engine. I had one years ago, and it served...
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    This one's for Nesikep ....Red white and blue.
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    Nice work Charlie Hebdo ... spartandhp
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    Poorly treated fence posts. What would you do?

    This is all creosote treated Southern Yellow Pine. I'd like to hear your initial thoughts on the quality.
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    For those that graze Fescue

    August fescue is better than May fescue.....Making hay, and grazing it. We always end up with a "hay" patch that doesn't get made when it "should". When we miss that early window, we wait until mid August, and it always ends up better hay than the spring made stuff. Fescue is all we have...