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    Red Bluff Bull, Gelding & Dog Sale Results
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    East Coast Severe Weather

    Hoping members especially Jeanne get through this nasty storm unscathed.
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    The world & USA has lost a great economist

    Walter Williams has passed...RIP to a major voice for freedom economic and social freedom. Tribute...
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    Preferred Colostrum Replacer Product

    For those who use or keep on hand a dehydrated commercial product which one do you prefer & why?
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    Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB Recall

    Bad news for those who use this Zoetis ML product. Supposedly a problem with the adjuvent. Off the market indefinitely. Getting compensated for my recent purchase has been confusing & complicated.
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    West Coast Fires

    The west coast is being hammered by devastating fires. I'm not currently threatened but the copious ash outside and in the house/structures coupled with record breaking temps & maximum visibility of 300' is very unpleasant. Just read that the entire county (directly south of me) where Katpau...
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    Vintage Angus Sale

    CA bull sale season has started with a bang.
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    California Fires Absolute crock to blame the disaster on climate change. CA is paying the price of decades of ignoring fire suppression policies that could have significantly reduced the fuel...
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    Potential President
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    Gut Wrenching News
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    Stock Prod Recommendations

    Very bidable cattle and RARELY have use for a hot shot. A necessary evil but in certain circumstances can be a life saver when properly used. Need to replace my old one that died. Recommendations would be appreciated especially those with a relatively short shaft (30" ish). TIA.
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    Don't Mess with Granny
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    John Prine Succumbs to Corona Virus

    All things considered & not unexpected but nonetheless a tragedy. :cry2: If you're unfamiliar with his song writing & music do yourself a favor and listen on line to his many incredible productions. RIP John.
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    One for the books. 11-4-2009 Registered RA cow just calved calved her 12th and 13th calf. 365 calving interval. 5th set of twins born today. All by different sires. No fuss no muss. Spits them out like watermelon seeds & polishes them up post haste. Will report the BWts tomorrow.
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    Another Unavailable Medication

    Noromycin 300 is currently unavailable. Kicking myself for not ordering some a few weeks back. LA 200 appears to be available. I much prefer the former because its efficacy is the same but at a lower dosage/cwt than the latter. Anybody have any insight as to why its not available other than...
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    Inspirational Young Man :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    From our Friends at USDA

    Mandatory premise ID is alive and well. :devil2:
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    Overly Abundant Wildlife

    I'm over run with wild turkeys...100 or so and ~20 deer on 75 acres. Fish & Game is useless. Dog too old to run them off. Any & all suggestions appreciated.
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    Horse for Branded

    Forget those pricey 6666 horses. This one is the real deal. :nod:
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    SAV America Topic Locked

    I'm disappointed this thread got locked. Lively and admittedly contentious, I found the input nonetheless insightful.