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    John Deere 6300l 4wd

    Fuel injectors are spraying good and in order.
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    John Deere 6300l 4wd

    I had the starter tested and they said it was ok. Thought the not rolling part might have something to do with it not turning over fast enough, like it was putting a load on it somehow. Shot either to it in the beginning but I don't believe it turns over quick enough to bust off.
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    John Deere 6300l 4wd

    I bought a 97 John Deere 6300l from an estate that hasn't run in 4 years. It's a 4wd hydrostatic . I cleaned the fuel tank, new fuel pump and am getting fuel to my injectors. The tractor will barley turn over and will eventually stop turning over. I put a brand new 1200 coca battery on and had...
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    Nissan Titan

    I wish your market was closer! Chevy's top the sales around here in half tons, then fords and dodges follow. I will say there is an exception when it comes to the diesel's. The only thing that holds the cummings back in my area are the automatic transmissons, if I get one in a standard then it...
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    Nissan Titan

    I am comparing to the Tundra, Z71, Ram, and F150. The 5.3 in the Z71 has the best gas milage and highest resale on the market.
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    Wild steer help

    My friend had one such steer and he decided to tranquilize him. He borrowed a gun from the vet and shot his steer. The S.O.B. never got up, killed him... True story...When its time for me to get some of mine up I will feed all in my catch pen for a few days and when they get used to it and calm...
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    Pullin' strings from a round bale

    I always cut and pull from the same side while I've got them off the ground.
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    This will get a response...

    As Larry the cable guy would say,"now thats funny, i dont care who you are."
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    Ready for Bounce?

    There are still good buys out there. I wouldn't put any money in the market unless I could burn it and never miss it though.
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    Nissan Titan

    I'm a used truckd dealer,TRUCKS UNLIMITED INC., and the titan is one of my slowest full size import seller. They get some of the worst gas milage in its class and i spend more on recon. than I do american trucks. I'd stick with a GM. Best fuel milage and highest resale.
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    Vaccinating newborn calves - am I an idiot?

    I learned the hard way that you not only have to worry about the mama cow when go and snatch a new calf might want think about how many other mamma's are around when you do so.
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    new pasture

    bermuda is the choice, but some pastures tend to get johnson grass , some fescue, and the well known but not popular prarie grass. My goal is a good stand of bermuda but might be costly. I would also like to have some legumes and or fescue along with other beneficial native grasses. Is...
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    new pasture

    I bought a farm with poor pasture but good soil(mostly bottom land) and you couldn't find a rock on the place if you tried. About half is just pasture thats been brush hogged about once a year for the past 20 years and the other half was cleard two years ago,stumps and all, and leveled up nice...
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    questions about a sale

    His bw is low and has a high milk epd but I'm not too impressed with his ww and yw. I would think you could do alot better for $3,900.
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    Land Prices?

    At least $2,000 an acre around here. Not too many large tracts left and the smaller ones will bring $5,000 an acre.
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    I feel your pain. I took a pretty bad shalacking on some nice heifers a few weeks ago. I only sent 15 because i wanted to get a taste of the market...I about puked. I'm holding my steers hoping for a better market when the grass turns on and I'm keeping all good prospect heifers.
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    Please don"t try this at home!

    What worked for him was stuff that worked when he was much younger, I believe we all need to re evaluate our practices as we age.
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    I wish you lived in arkansas...I could hook you up!
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    How long after weaning can I put calves back with mothers?

    I recommend at leat 6-8 weeks, and if thats not long enoough you will know pretty quick.
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    I would make it possible for someone to be there every day to check on them if you cannot. That way as they get stuck in a pound,get out of fences,trees or limbs fall on fences, have calving problems or get sick someone will be on top of things.