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    6 or 7 years ago I could count 140 birds on my place not I got ZERO!!! and it's not cause of hunting either . Turkeys are way down in Okla. and they changed some stuff on the season and limit this year but not enough they should have closed it for 3 to 5 years
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    Feeding Cows Bread

    we were not feeding it as treats we were feeding it and little bites or big bites it can clog them up. The dried processed into a feed bread that you can buy is good feed and will not clog them. I had an aunt that had a trailer built and bought several tons a year bulk and fed a bunch of cattle...
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    Feeding Cows Bread

    I think that is different than bread right out of the package . We have a place here in Oklahoma that sells what you are talking about, I guess they are still in business ???, and it is good feed . But bread right out of the package can mess them up, clogs them up , I know we did it and had to...
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    Feeding Cows Bread

    I think that feed is different than bread right out of the package. There is a place here in Okla , I guess they are still in business, that you can buy what you are talking about and it is good feed. But bread straight out of the package will mess up a cow , clogs them up. I know we had it...
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    We may all be missing the boat, by not raising Corrientes!

    First time I have been on here in months, maybe even close to a year +, and it looks like the Mod needs to clean some off here now. ''little immature'' sounds like a grade school kid posting to me. He need to be gone stuff like this ruin the board.
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    Frog gigging.

    ??? what's frogs , we ain't got none and, it's been that way for a while. I think the white cow birds killed them out ????
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    Mountain Curs

    Yes mine are silent on trail but good tree dogs, as far as killing a coon doubt my male would maybe the female?? he is almost to easy going. sold my last two puppies and the guy that bought them was going to use them on hogs ??? I don't know it might work out for him, told him to let me know...
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    Going on a cow safari

    Well how did it go ??????
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    Mountain Curs

    Mine are tree dogs for sure. I would not have bred this female , because she is young and not what I would call a finished dog, But I had Covid and was in the hospital and my son did not pen her up so I ended up with 8 well bred cur pups , got two left that I need to find new homes for
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    Mountain Curs

    most people around here use Black Mouth Curs or Catahula (not spelled right ??I am a bad speller) both are different from Mountain Curs. My male is such a wimp that if you shoot a squirrel out it better hit the ground dead ,cause he ain't killing it for you he will nip at it to keep it from...
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    Mountain Curs

    Has anyone had any dealing with Mountain Curs? If so, I would like to hear your likes and dislikes. I have them and hunt them mostly on squirrel and they will tree a coon. mine stay with the stock and love the Grand kids . To me they are the smartest dogs I ever owned but I had a unplanned...
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    30-40 Million People in America Could Be Evicted

    Federal intervention will not help anything if they don't pay directly to the land lord . You give them a check and keep a law that they can not be evicted from the property and the property owner will never see any money. I know how tenants are that is what we do for a living but I am very...
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    I hunted hounds for years only messed with 1 Blood hound but I would bet they would roam. I also had several Australian Shepherds they were very good dogs but my son and his wife has one that is a full fledged idiot, needs a bullet, so it makes me wonder if they have not bred them up to much...
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    Buying equipment at tax foreclosure auction

    I know a man in Okla. that bought a dozer and it had a lien on it and cost him some money. I also know two men that bought cattle that a bank had a lien on , big messy court case
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    Got some big 'uns this year

    good eating right there
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    Offset Disc VS Tandem Disc

    Brute can you burn woods also if the humidity is high and not hurt the Oak trees
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    Offset Disc VS Tandem Disc

    Maybe?? I don't know a lot about this kind of stuff ??? I sold the cows last fall and was planning on buying some this spring but didn't because I was needing to do some work on fences and pastures I have a guy leasing the hay fields and on one he ran hi s offset around it and burned the field...
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    Offset Disc VS Tandem Disc

    This place is 280 acres cut in to about 3 pastures and the ground has not had any thing done to it in 75 yrs so I am thinking it will be pretty hard ?????? I need a good fire break that it can not cross , I will probably be doing the burning by myself. Plans are to disk about a 12' break...
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    stinkin beaver...

    Shot 5 on one pond about 3 week ago then go to another pond and counted 5 swimming on it so I killed one of them and was out of the shells, I like to use but got some more now so the other four will be on the hit list.
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    Offset Disc VS Tandem Disc

    Do they make like a 6' offset I have been looking for one to pull with a 3020JD to put in fire breaks, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to control red cedars is to burn the pastures every 2 or 3 years