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    Bear Hunting

    I have tasted it once - never again. I never eat anything with sharp teeth. Bear are vermin and common as crows with the population expanding - they do a lot of crop damage as well - would like to see them killed back to the bush lines of pre 1999. If you want the skin fine - otherwise let...
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    Vaccine expiration dates?

    Ah yes - it is all one big conspiracy? No one or no company can ever be trusted? Bez+
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    Bear Hunting

    We kill them in the spring. Bears are everywhere. In fact almost all provinces from Ontario and Quebec west are literally overrun with them Bez+
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    Cattle brands.

    I can just imagine the nightmare this would create. Especially the court cases over who gets to keep their brand if there are multiple users - which of course there are. Bez+
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    Vaccine expiration dates?

    The other side of the coin. What is it worth to you to replace that animal if you screw it up for whatever reason? 10-15 bucks vs an animal - 99% of the time you might be ok - what if you are wrong? How long do you want to wait on expiry? Some will wait a day, some a week, some a month, some...
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    Coyote hunting in snow?

    I am sure some folks will tell you new camo and gloves along with a few special bells and whisltles but I am a cheap SOB - I simply wear more clothing - or put on my barn clothes. I have never seen a difference other than to say the dog is more active - he has to find more food to keep alive -...
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    Equip Recomendations

    Only 5 acres? Forget the equipment Forget the extra cows - three mommas with babies will eat it all and you will be buying hay in no time Spend your money on grass development or in three years of hard grazing you will only grow weeds Bez+
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    Round bales sticking onto hey spear

    Lots of different bale types - a soft core bale would work well with your system As for the trailer - if it is wood or it is sheeted or it is metal bars they are slippery. If you have steel mesh you will find the bale grabs and sticks - all have advanages and disadvantages. If you pick the...
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    Round bales sticking onto hey spear

    Jammed for time but looked at the pic - that is a poor spear setup IMO - although it is very commonly used. SRBeef is bang on - quality and setup are everything. I use a single spear mostly - attached to the centre of the bottom bar of the quick attach for single bale feeding. Yours is rigged...
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    Round bales sticking onto hey spear

    About the only time I have had a bale stick is when I have the angle of the spear up or down too much when I am placing the bale and backing out - it will drag the bale with the tractor. That means it is my fault - it is not sticking - it is my operation that is causing the problem - we have all...
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    Round bales sticking onto hey spear

    Do not spear the centre - come into the bale about half way down from the top to the centre. If that keeps you from raising the bale high enough you will need a bigger tractor. 8) Bez+
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    horned cattle calving problems..

    Who ever you were arguing with knows little about cattle Bez+
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    Cattle For Profit?

    Well the next time I am in Texas we can sit down in the shade - have a drink of your choice and decide upon the answer - because in truth I do not know. Take care Bez+
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    Mini donkeys as herd guardians?

    Mini donkey? A good dog or two would pull it down in a heart beat if determined. They will only stand and fight for a bit then run - thats' what gets them killed. Donkeys love to kick the living crap out of calves at times as well. Heck there have been some serious coyote attacks on people and...
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    @#$%! Beavers

    frenchie! My goodness it has been a long time my friend Send me a pm with your email - I will send you a fairly long response tomorrow As for beaver tails - it was a Metis that fed them to me - she was as good looking as her food was tastey - unfortunately she took to a friend of mine (oops...
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    Need help with a mud problem

    We make our own hay so it is even less of a loss. I agree with your comment - making your own is cheaper - I simply used this as one example. For any who might be unclear the "bit of hay" I was talking about was the waste hay - not the total cost of bought hay. But I digress and to not get...
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    When will cow prices get good.

    Actually do not expect a real rise in prices from now until you quit the game. Prices many years ago were as good or better and production costs were far lower - so you are getting less today for what is costing you more to produce. The majors are using vertical integration to control pricing...
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    Need help with a mud problem

    Living in one now - hate it - too many big bugs Cold is a wonderful thing - kills the bad biteys Bez+
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    pumkin pie?

    Syria today - Camp Faouar - standing in all weekend as duty operations officer - hoping like heck it stays quiet. Back to the field tomorrow. Bez+
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    Need help with a mud problem

    Alan - and others who read this long response - it is a thought that many people ignore for some reason - we do this every year now with astounding success. Do not know your set up as there are no pics. I hate feed troughs and bins - very messy - we feed on ground - cows never come to the yard...