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    Beginners question about profit

    Fred, after reviewing the following article again I might be more inclined to say it would have to be about quality of the heifers (since there's no real tax benefit); that is, will their quality produce more $'s than you spent raising them?
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    Beginners question about profit

    Or have two dba's.? Sell from one to the other. Your absolutely right; I stand corrected, you cannot depreciate a heifer you raised. Fred's benefit in keeping the 10 heifers would be the money saved from not having to purchase 10 and also knowing exactly what he has in the quality of the...
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    Beginners question about profit

    That's about right Hfs! Retained heifers become a capitalized expense. Any sales, regardless, are income. Fred, I think you simply assess a fair market value to the retained heifers and then depreciate as any other cow. That 1k loss you mentioned, along with all other expenses, will figure in...
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    Angie Busted with Goat in car trunk

    You might be right about that TB but, wasn't it one of those Great Lakes States that invented their cowboy boots to hold'em steady? :nod:
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    Grass-fed -- a new post

    $500 single malt? Hmmmm. Let me know next you get some. I'll trade you a round bale for a sip :cboy:
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    What should I do?

    Yep, no point in wasting the clover by plowing it under. The only thing I might question is the bermuda seed mix. I keep hearing that a lot of it reverts back to Common with the exception of Cheyenne, after a few years. Did yours ever convert back? I like birdogs idea of Jiggs because it's...
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    Grass-fed -- a new post

    Maybe. Could be more eco friendly IF no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides were used. About that MIG grazing; one of my buddies recently wondered what the big deal was with MIG since ranchers have being "doing it" for years. I think one would have to compare what was once called...
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    Texas drought

    Them and Louisiana. I finally got 2/10's but I think it evaporated before it hit the dust.
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    Can somebody identify this weed?

    Has some similarity to Wild Parsnip which is invading MN.
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    I'm just more curious than anything about that 5k bill. What exactly was it for and what was the value of the cow/bull (s) it was for?
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    Can somebody identify this weed?

    The leaves are similar but knapweed doesn't flower in yellow, does it?
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    Can somebody identify this weed?

    Leafy Spurge?? ... DI8489.pdf
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    Very well said, GS! When I got started it was a matter of checking what vacs to give each calf, plus boosters, and what vacs to administer to the cows on a regular basis. Then, of course, the parasite controls. Learned about these through A&M and then double checked with my cow vet. These...
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    Hay hauling trailer advice?

    I picked on up like this a couple of years ago and it's been great for hauling hay. The ramps and dovetail make it easy for moving the tractor around too. Electric brakes are a must!
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    Thinking Hunting [pics]

    Great pictures, mnm!! Many bird hunters would be envious!!! :nod:
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    Why Hereford Sires Will Dominate

    Maybe, but your Angus will sell anyway!! :cboy:
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    Millet Seed & Dove

    :nod: That's what I would do! Used to feed Dove in the backyard. A 20 lb bag of seed would last about 3 weeks among about 8 - 10 Dove. Do the math and that seed will be gone in just a few days :help: If it were legal, a person could lease out that seeded pasture to the Dove hunters and...
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    The weather.

    Looks like it just missed you by about 15 miles. It slid right by my little place too.
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    Garden Pests

    Could be any number of leaf suckers. Down here we have a little bit of every thing! Spyders and lady bugs are pretty good garden keepers.