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    It looks like I will be around quite a bit on the boards the next two weeks as I just had surgery to remove my tonsils, uvula, and sinus surgery and am not allowed to do anything physical for two weeks. I still hang around time from time but not as much as I used to due to work and school. Just...
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    Ad underneath the Angus Report

    Does anyone else have an advetisement underneath the angus report? I have one and it is covering up the view new posts, view your posts. I can't get rid of it or get to those buttons which is the main way I search the board and keep up with posts.
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    Fart Tax

    Hope everyone is ready to start shelling out $87.50 per head of cattle they own per year. Dont you all know our cattle are causing global warming by farting. So they are going to tax us on our cattle. Poor people that have hogs are getting charged $20 per head. Some of the hog guys are lucky if...
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    See If You Can Read This

    <BR><a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="MySpace Comments"></a><BR><small><a href="">Send to friends / Add to profile</a> <BR /> <a...
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    Tornadoes in North West Iowa

    Well had lots of excitement tonight while my parents were gone to church after i got home from work. Turned on the TV and it said torando warning for my county and the ones surounding it. I'm like when did this start. So i look out the widnow to the south past the TV and the there is a tornado...
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    IT'S SNOWING!!! And its APRIL!!! Almost MAY!!!

    It is the end of april and 5 days away from May and it is snowing and they are talking1-3 inches of snow. # days ago we had 70 degree weather and i got sunburned last saturday. This is rediculouse. I so sick of this cold wet weather we are getting this year. I had a nice farmers tan started for...
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    Has anyone tried this calf catcher.

    At work we run 400 head of sommercial angus and black baldy cows. We tag and process the calves within a day of when they are born. It tales two people to process though. One to tag the calf and give it an oral and put iodine on the naval. The other person has to stand by with a paddle and keep...