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    Common Sense Immigration ... 16437.html
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    Went to a funeral of a buddy's father the other day- a veteran of the Navy. A real character and so much of the funeral was light hearted. But when the young sailor finished playing Taps on her bugal, I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. I've never heard someone with such skill play...
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    School Board and Superintendent

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to go about handling the local school board and superintendent? Daughter #2's grade school teacher was let go in the middle of our school year because she was actually being a teacher and not treating all the children as little snowflakes. She did horrible...
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    If you have a heart, you just feel for these farmers
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    Because I have compassion for the underprivileged

    I didn't vote for Hillary. ...
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    Truly Affordable Health Care

    In case that other thread goes poof, this is something if you pay for your own, you really should look into. I pay through my employer, it is $1100 a month for our family. Rediculous. Was about $600 3 years ago. Anyway, a guy I work with has been using this:
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    Busted pipe- need advice

    I figured I'd hit up this place for some wisdom. A water pipe in the foundation broke, but my wife caught it pretty quick and was able to get the main valve turned off. Plumber took care of his side of things and the insurance sent out a crew to demolition and dry things. All the laminate...
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    Debate is finally settled.

    Took a drive down highway 1 while on the west coast. If you can't tell, those are herefords. Apparently they are paying there way on the high dollar real estate side. These are sluming it in the low rent section. :D Beautiful country. Just too many fruits. :D
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    Do you believe in magic? ... 581385154/
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    The right thing to do.

    I think this is something that we can all agree is just the right thing to do. ... t-property
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    Math is hard
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    Not to be doom and gloom...

    Maybe it's just around here but it seems to be becoming a trend. Some very brazen attempts at abducting kids from parents in stores in broad daylight. There has been several stories over the past few months of stores like Target/Walmart having men that target a women with multiple kids...
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    HVAC question

    Having to replace my AC/gas furnace. Any of the HVAC experts have thoughts on the Goodman brand?
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    Wishing Everyone Safe Travels this Holiday Season

    Start by avoiding the airport nazi's.
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    Looks like its going to be a good fall.

    Took the oldest girl shooting for a minute the other night. As we were packing up, six bucks came trotting off the hill above us. Couple were real pretty. Never seen that many bucks in a group around here before. Hear quail calling about everywhere we stop. Just kinda makes my soul smile...
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    Looks like Hillary might be our first F Prsident! Oops! I meant to say female, but the emale was deleted.
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    The Duke

    In the event you didn't remember to celebrate his birthday yesterday, you can make up for it this weekend by spending some quality time together.
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    Groesbeck, TX ... _tn__=%2As