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    Will they breed right after meeting?

    I don't have a specific bull in mind - have a few for sale/rent on craigslist thought I'd call. I'm guessing virgin bull might be more shy than a "proven" one, but maybe less chance of disease? I just have the one heifer. Been doing AI on backyard cow or two for 15 years, batting over 90%...
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    Will they breed right after meeting?

    If I hauled my heifer to a bull late in her heat, would they breed in a few minutes so I could bring her home right away, or do they need time for courting? She’s real gentle and halter broke, etc.
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    Scientific Americans: Scientists bullied to conform to covid narrative

    So much for following the science. While the bullying goes both directions, many will be surprised to learn that reputable scientists question our government's strategies. Quote: These attacks and others like them have led...
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    Covid petition, Great Barrington Declaration

    I signed this. As a former public health officer, I see our current policies as a disaster. We need to let healthy become immune to no longer threaten the vulnerable, who can’t hide forever. Total deaths will be greater the longer we prolong this.
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    Young black man nails it

    This needs more play. Certainly won't be on the news.
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    Cattle Pricing

    My 2 cents, from decades studying politics, vet med, public health, economics...... There is no fix. All animals, including humans, want the most for the least effort (or money). This allows us to accumulate more useless stuff, and also allows us more time to stare at cell phones. That...
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    Attack on the cattle industry continues

    How did Yang get to the forum on climate change? Surely he and other participants walked there. No way they would burn fossil fuels because they would look like hypocrites
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    Better photos get better opinions

    Perhaps make this thread a sticky note at top? Have noticed for a long time that poor photos get less useful opinions on cattle on these boards. "Could be a bad photo, but......" Here is an example, and as Nesikep mentioned, they should have taken better photos. Amazing how people selling...
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    Picking majors and college

    This may not apply to you, but needs said. Universities are overpriced. Tuition has gone up 3 times the inflation rate. In 5 years, tuition doubled for my daughters at WA State. I had an old professor tell me he paid for school by hand milking cows at night. No longer possible. I am...
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    A herd of longhorns

    You're probably right that Longhorns don't pay as well. But to "do the math" you need all the figures. Like how much does a Longhorn eat vs an Angus. The extra 150 pounds isn't free - it takes feed. And to maintain a higher muscled cow all year isn't free either. Can anyone tell me...
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    Mass shootings and media contagion effect

    That's what they did on another site where I shared this. You can't verify anything 100%, so you have to accumulate info from several sources and make your own judgment. I did a search on this subject after watching our local TV station's coverage. They announced that "the following...
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    Mass shootings and media contagion effect

    So if it is a factor, why is it not discussed in the media? Duh, it will cost them money. So the media claims to care about the shootings, but only if someone else changes their practices. That is my main issue - the hypocrisy. From the paper:
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    Mass shootings and media contagion effect

    So I'm watching our local news man interview school officials asking what they can do to reduce the chance of violence. Meanwhile, they want to show all the news they can about the shootings to get better ratings and more money. Gun control is pretty much all that is discussed as the...
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    Age Limit on Social Media

    Was thinking today how so many in our "land of the free, and home of the brave" want somebody else to be responsible for them. Parents want schools to educate and feed their kids. Then schools get shot up, and instead of defending themselves, everybody wants government to get rid of guns...
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    Okay I'm going to go political!

    It is possible to be against paying for illegals, and also wanting kids to learn discipline. I started cutting groceries to my kids around age 16, so they would learn to work and save, and haven't had a problem since. Somewhere I got the idea many here were for personal responsibility, and...
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    Okay I'm going to go political!

    Fear, fear, fear. "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." - H. L. Mencken "Our country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially...
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    Single parents

    Who decides what activities kids have to do? Is it some kind of competition or something? All for parent's bragging rights? Used to be kids would just go out, round up some friends, and play ball in the field. Now they have to be on teams in a league, with several coaches and...
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    Okay I'm going to go political!

    I'm always amazed how some people can't save money to live on for 3 days. Many want their kids to join the military to gain discipline. Some starvation might help toward that end.
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    Brahman or crosses in Alberta or Saskatchewan ?!

    Fascinating that people okay with black angus in the south, think Brahman up north are dumb.
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    Larry Nassar Gymnastics Doctor

    I agree the guy should be eliminated. What I don’t understand is how you get to 150 females before anything significant happens. Many of these were college women, not girls. How did they keep going back to the guy? None of them told their parents? Parents didn’t do anything? I heard a...