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    Safe, dependable, affordable

    Drove a 5 speed Nissan Sentra all over the world for 13 years while in the service . Gas, oil and tires were the only things needed. Sold it with 360k miles for a Chevy that blew up within 3 years with less that 100k. Take it for what its worth....
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    A chip off the old block

    He will learn quick, after he gets bit working on electricity. After all, my 1000lb cows stay off a single string.
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    wimpy calf

    I Would rather know how the calf managed to get all four legs in a hole?
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    Urban Oregonians hope to destroy Livestock industry

    And yet we have restaurants serving human meat....
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    Public School used to be so simple.

    Well last week we were called by the school office and told that it was her turn to be quarantined. This is the second time she was selected to spend a week at home. We were told it's the only way to be fair to keep under the 60% attendance in class.
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    Public School used to be so simple.

    Our daughter in Jr high, was selected to be quarantined by the school....... again. This is finals test week! Yes, public school.
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    Question on Noses??

    The only one I had to worm last year was my black cow, just a spot of pink on her tounge and two white socks.
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    Stretching Barbed Wire Poll

    I use a claw hammer, a come along, and a chain. Oh yeah, a machete. Most of my fence is on the tree line surrounding the property. Fences are 3 strand, nothing special but work well...... so far.
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    Tree ID

    I had a run in with a small field of long thorn locust while cleaning a new pasture a few years ago. 24 punctures in my 4 AG tires after a couple hours of land clearing. 9 in one back tire by the time I was done. Land looks great now.... tire plugs and slime and still holding air 3 years later...
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    Bulls can be such a pain

    Was sitting on the front porch yesterday and watched the cows go through the forest....Not a pasture. Since they ran to the back of the property they would get stopped by gates/fence. I went to the front to see a bent over step in post in the corner of the paddock. I opened the gate and had to...
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    Longhorn cow calved

    Looking at yours makes the anticipation build for the few I have. Still 35 days out.....
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    Sold a three-legged cow today

    Little bit of a bumpy ride for a trail cow... 🤠
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    Been a interesting month

    Those that can't, teach! Can't pay for experience, but you can make money from it. Good luck to you and your recovery.
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    Unrolling hay

    It's great if you start with quality hay and move your feeding spots. When the cows are done with it, spread the remainder about for easy decomposition. Worked well this winter and very happy with my lush green grass right now. 12-16" already. Started them back on rotation last month and doing well.
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    First time Livestock owner

    In case they become pets, so they can reproduce..... maybe next year.
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    Back in the early 90s, I left the office very messed up. Permanent problems from accumulated unrelated incidents.
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    Cattle rub fly preventer???

    A repurpose warehouse in Atlanta sells large industrial items. Sometimes they have brushes also.
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    Had many hunted, trapped in Florida, slow smoked is nice.
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    Hay Acres ?

    I could see those that lost fields of onions or potatoes to try something different this year. Food also goes up when there isn't enough of it.