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    vortek 4.8

    chevy 4.8 vortek?1500 good truck? no?seems to have more power than the reg 4.8?any one got any input
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    grass is always greener on the otherside.the great new york state.every place i have went if ya teel um ny they automactly think the big city.oh grand was from sulpher springs
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    any suggegtins

    the hay im feeding is from deffernt feald no alfalfa thou. he is doing alot better now.he looked bloated to me.he is eating and drinking i was just wondering what brought it on thanks
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    any suggegtins

    hairy munnsville ny (oneida) ny had calve 350pd healthy yesterday. this morning down & bloated **** hard .I salt my hay in every year. gave la 300 pro bois. good tonight what gives . the weather?
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    IT IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    its been crapy haying season real hot 1 day rain the next its hard to get the stuff to cure.
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    I have three cows and no food.

    I will take them off your charge got plenty off grass. im trying to get plenty of hay.for the winter mouths hopefully enough to sell alittle easyer said then done.
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    Corriente Cattle

    most corriente cattle are in mexico.manly used in the U.S. for roping.
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    Pink eye treatment

    its called today.any supply store should have it. ive used it in combination w/ the puffer.
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    i to raise holstien steers from day olds i buy 40$ a calf nut & horn myself sell at 18 months at around 75 cents.
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    land per cow

    whisky for my men beer for my horses
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    Brangus is at the top!!

    up here i A.I. my herefords to red angus and my baldies to polled hereford and so fourth and yes i raise them big holstein steers very gentle.
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    this morning as i was buttoning my shirt a button fell off.after that ,i picked up my briefcase the handle fell off.then i went to open the door the door knob falls off.went to get in my truck the handle came off in my hand.NOW IM AFRAID TO PEE
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    New Begginings

    I sarted 3 years ago raisen dairy steers bought from a freind that runs a nice small dairy herd.I buy the bull calfs 1-2 weeks old for 35$ I raise them till 18 mounths sell at the local sale . then purchase hereford heifer calves witch i A.I. to redangus.ive also got few black-baldies popps gave me.
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    Average Herd

    just sarted last year as hobby.I got 30 acers upstate ny I work april-november winter off. worked on a dairy most my life anyway got 7 hereford heifers all ai to red angus got 1 hereford steer going in the freezer soon 2 black baldie steer 3 holstien steer.
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    Squeeze chutes.....

    I might be cheap but I got 4-4 in a pen pulley is on top cow stickes its head in for feed pull the rope 2-6 drops down lockes the cow stainthion tyip 8ft gate comes around u gotit?
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    How fast does a horned Hereford run?

    that boy maybe slightly retarded?
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    upstate ny 20 miles south of lake ontario in the snow belt.
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    feed for fattening faster

    I mix sweet feed cracked corn and 16% protein grain.feed each 2pds twice a day. with free choice hay.when the weather breaks and there on pasture I cut back once daily just to keep them on rotine of comeing home every day for observation.