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    hi everyone

    just dropping in to say hello. It has been a long time since I've been on. Tonight was 19 months since my son/only child died and it has been a very difficult time (understatement). I am very lucky to have a good hubby. I have been told by other parents who lost a child that within 5 years, we...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi Folks, I don't have much heart for internetting these days. We just passed the 9 month anniversary (what a term) of our son's death. It seems like it was yesterday. Time moves very oddly now. I have been so lucky to have a good hubby or I don't know how I would survive this. It is very odd...
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    How do you...

    ..go on messing with cows after a great loss? I know several of you on here have lost spouses or kids. Right now I can't envision spending the summer cutting hay, putting up polywire, getting cattle in the chute...seems overwhelming (3 wks from loss of our only child). We are keeping up with the...
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    Lost my son

    My son and only child passed away today in an accident. He was a wonderful young man. He was everything to me and his heartbroken dad . I don't know how we will get through this.
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    Chinstraps being buckled

    Snowing now, snowing tomorrow, snowing Sun then temp dropping to almost 20 below (not counting wind chill). Several feet of snow then frigid temps are gonna be such fun. Whee..... Gonna stuff the larder (cows, that is) and pretreat the road, then will be plowing from now til Monday.
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    Anybody else fooling around with "internet of things" (which all the cool kids call IoT I'm told)? Such as Nest thermostats; remote monitoring, Alexa, etc? My son is McGyvering a system whereby we will (in theory) be able to turn on the block heater on the tractor (rather than driving several...
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    If your sibling starts thinking you are a lizard, you may want to run. ... 16bcfcb3d5
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    Happy Winter Solstice!!!!!

    to those of us in this neck of the (earthly) woods, today (Friday) is the Winter Solstice. Even though the worst of the winter is still ahead of us (and where I live, will last until April,easy), I always feel better knowing we've gotten past the longest night and start getting back just a...
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    stir crazy

    This ain't good. We have had cloudy rainy days for most of the past several months. Now we've settled into day after day after consarned (I'm resurrecting that word) day of cold cold rain. Entire farm is mud. Can't get the baleage moved where we need it for winter, which will be here any second...
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    Close call

    Hubs was feeding a round baleage bale this afternoon to tide over the piggies (ie, cows) until we can move them. Just as he lifted the bale up with the bale grabber, he hit a rock we'd never noticed before (on a slight slope), and the left rear tire on the tractor came up off the ground a good...
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    Interesting graphic

    Rainfall. ... 16418f1738 Explains why some of us have battled wildfires while others were complaining it was too wet to cut hay. My state (NY) is interesting--literally a discrete line, with the far north very dry. Not me.
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    Grew up playing with frogs and snakes and turtles. Toads were a little different--we somehow got it in our peabrains that they could give you warts from their bumps. :lol: Anyway, it's rare to see a frog or turtle around here these days. But we have toads the size of your fist hanging out on...
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    baleage for winter?

    Soooo...some of you may remember we baled our own hay this year, for the first time. Weeeeelll, let's just say that between the cranky weather and cranky equipment, it's been interesting. Net result at the moment is that we have more than enough wrapped rounds of baleage, but far less small hay...
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    Ruh roh

    Was out brush hogging all afternoon, into the evening. Got out to move some tree limbs in high grass. Realized an hour ago I'm broke out from head to toe. I usually am not terribly allergic to anything so this is kinda weird. Found some steroid cream. gonna take a slug of benadryl. Ugh. I was...
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    Data throttling

    Wow, throttling data on an unlimited plan for firefighters fighting the wildfires? SMDH. ... index.html
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    Cut or keep?

    testicles, that is! Bull calf born late March, great AI sire and grandsire, good mama. Been only on grass. Haven't registered him yet; need to decide this week if he gets cut next Sat. See anything that would lead to a strong recommendation to cut him?
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    Didja miss me

    Hi All! I've been gone a few months. Did I miss anything?
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    Deer Valley Testament? ... ge?bid=410 Thoughts? I like some of him but the $EN is pretty low. (Seemingly lower than I would expect?)
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    Crouthamel Protocol--thoughts? ... ge?bid=406
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    AI Bulls--comments appreciated

    Howdy, Starting to get serious as we need to make AI choices in the next week or so. Our focus is calving ease, docility, marbling, and a moderate animal without the dreaded angus hatchet azz. We sell some replacement heifers, some grass-fed beef, and recently a few bull calves (by customer...