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    Everything ok in your world ? I’ve watched for you but you haven’t said much
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    Cast iron cooking

    1# HB meat, chop up half an onion, mushrooms, cup of bread crumbs Form into patties and pour in a little beef broth for a moisture. Add in whatever you like. I’m using taters and corn today and will add green beans about 30 mins before it’s ready, but I’ve used carrots, squash, zucchini...
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    Will Dicamba hurt bermuda? I’m in a restricted county so I can’t use 2-4D, but everyone is farming dicamba cotton, so I could spray without hurting my neighbors cotton. I’ve googled it and not finding much about it. I’d really like to know exactly what it kills.
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    June 11

    57 degrees It’s been around 60 the last several mornings and yesterday never got out of the 70’s. I read that we’ve yet to hit 90 this year. Normally we are hitting a 100 or real close to it everyday. It’s been a strange spring.
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    Young sprigged bermuda

    I didn’t want to hijack Callmefence topic. I have the same problem. It’s been raining since it was sprigged. I have weeds and grasses taking over. I’m in a restricted county so I can’t use 24-d and it wouldnt help on the other grasses anyway. At what stage can I turn the cows in to control the...
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    North Texas and Oklahoma

    Weather man says it could very bad today and tonight. Tornado’s, large hail and flooding.
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    Crappie recipe ?

    I normally don’t keep fish, but I had one swallow the hook and wasn’t going to make it so I caught a few more to eat. I filleted them out and put them in water in the fridge till lunch time. I seasoned them and cooked them in a little avocado oil. I don’t eat anything deep fried. The flavor was...
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    Bass on the beds

    I have to leave for work in the morning so I came to my place to check cows and spend the night and fished a little. I don’t know if you can see but that’s about a 6’’ bass in her throat
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    I went to the local fishing dock. Fishing was pretty slow, but a storm blew in and it picked up some. I caught a 14.5” or a little bigger crappie. Sorry for the bad picture but I was alone and holding the fish in one hand and phone in the other. That’s a big crappie for this dock. How common is...
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    What’s wrong with this calf ?

    He’s real short coupled. Short stubby legs, short neck, funny shaped head. Doesn’t move well and lays around all the time. He older than some of the others and way smaller. He’s built like a midget. I banded him yesterday and he only had one testicle...
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    Breakfast casserole

    Take a small baking dish( Pyrex 9x13 or the round pie dish or whatever it is) Take about a 1/4 stick of butter and butter the dish really well. Then line the dish with baby spinach leaves. Take about a half pound of bacon and cut it up into a 2-3” pieces and fry it up crisp. Take broccoli...
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    Not really a recipe

    I smoked a chuck roast till it was falling apart tender. Seasoned with fajita seasoning and kingsford garlic and herb and Chopped it up. Took a bag of coleslaw and cooked it in a big skillet with a little soy sauce then rolled it and the chopped roast into burritos. It was so good I may buy a...
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    Feeding calves

    A buddy of mine calves in the spring and weans in the fall. He holds them till spring to sell. He feeds them free choice hay and a couple pounds a head of cotton seed everyday. He averages around a couple pounds of gain a day. He gets a around $300.00 more for his calves in the spring opposed...
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    Speaking of sausage

    I try to eat healthy but with my job I eat too much fatty fast food, so when I’m home I try to cut as much fat as I can. One thing I really enjoy on the weekends is a good breakfast sandwich, but pork sausage has way too much fat, since that’s what I eat most mornings while working. I’ve tried...
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    I added a can of mushrooms and diced them up and mixed in with everything else. I put them on the smoker at 250. At about internal temp 140 I topped with ketchup and cooked till they hit about 150 degrees. I took them off and let them rest while I toasted the the buns. I think it was in the...
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    Marketing or bashing
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    Smoked salmon recipe ?

    Brine or not ? Marinate ? What’s the best seasoning ?
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    Egg role in a bowl

    Sorry no pictures but I did this but I used a 1/2 pound of turkey sausage and added shrimp. It was REALLY good except the sesame oil. It tasted like ass. I’m glad I tried a bite first. EGG ROLL IN A BOWL? You’ll be happy to know that this easy recipe does NOT require any fancy, expensive...
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    What’s wrong with people?

    Cow mutilated in Comanche County, Oklahoma