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    Not being a cow...I shouldn't use it. Neither did I suggest that. LOL
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    Tried years ago...doesn't work for us. The 10% bleach water requires only one treatment. Just make sure the lid is open for good contact.
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    Vet says you can't find a better disinfectant.
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    Lump/abscess after vaccinations

    We find lumps from injections are often associated with injecting the material to fast. It has to have a second to find it's place in the tissue so it should be injected s l o w . If injected fast it will tear subcu tissue and it must heal.
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    Catch early when watering and lid closed. Use 10% bleach/water. Open lid and do 2 mist sprays. ...quickly...I say...quickly....It burns..expect a reaction. It is an excellent disinfectant. We keep them inside then for 2-3 days. Works for us. Anyone else with draxxin doing good? We have a...
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    Liquid Minerals & Feeders

    There doesn't seem to be much experfience/Interest (?) in LM. I did find a web site with some info; Anyone have current info/experience?
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    new black tiny baby

    Dams age? Dams diet/health during gestation? Genetics? Same sire? Birth month? Weight compared to other births with same management/genetics/birth timing/in herd? Sounds like a gestation/nutritional thing.
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    Soybeans in round bales?

    We have fed bean hay. You will be surprised how much of the stems they will eat if sorghum mollasses are poured on the hay. We have turned the bale up on end and poured dried mollasses over the area and allow it to set for a day. Have used liquid protein also. The combination is best. There...
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    Vermeer Balers

    I have a almost new 505 Super I. It has baled about 2500 bales. Nice baler. The nagging problem I have been experiencing is a belt will twist on occasion. Usually the two small ones but, have had the left large one twist also. Any thoughts as to why?
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    Looks like pinkeye's back . . .

    ================== Dr., So it is probable that multiple strains co-exist in a herd of say...80 animals? I have heard it said several times that different strains exists within a herd based on age and conditions. Is that reasonable? Would it be smart management to culture the pink eye and then...
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    Coccidiosis Treatment

    ======== Dr. How prevelant is Johne's in the west ky area/Paducah actually? I have never thought to asked the question of area docs.
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    Coccidiosis Treatment

    ==================== Chuckie, What symptoms and for how long?
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    diesel & permethrin (Dun)

    ===================== What do you mix it with for spraying?
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    Angus. I don't get this...........

    ============= ...and you raised a ...'black beefmaster'....for what purpose?
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    Wo rming ?

    Doc, Your in depth scientific enlightment and guidance is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Wo rming ?

    ===================== ..."Basic H".... ?
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    Hay Traps

    What thickness is generally desireable for hay coverage? We are not completely happy with the life we have received from ours...which are 15mm thick...silver.
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    =================== We are always looking for a better approach. How many did you have with pinkeye that you applied this treatment? Did you get the same results with all of them?
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    ================ We have also experienced some pinkeye this season; 1)If you catch it when the eyes are tearing 10% bleach in water sprayed in the eye does an excellent job. (We take no credit for the was presented on this forum some years back) 2) Also, we think it is...
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    bottle calves for newbies

    ====== If mom has milk...put her in the head catcher and make her let him nurse.(check for any abnormal udder conditions) If she kicks place a large cotton rope/strap just below/touching the udder in front of her back legs. Tie it off. Give her a treat while in the catcher. Some soy hulls will...