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    Thank you for the birthday wishes
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    Florida Bull Test Roll Call

    Jscunn I was there and believe I got one of your bulls. Lot 89
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    High cattle prices affecting hay pricing

    Hook I wish prices where going up on the other side of the state. there is pressure here to lower prices. We are getting 40 for bermuda and 35 for bahia rolls.
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    dalis grass

    MSMA if it is legal in Texas or round up are the only two options I am aware of. I have it bad in several bermuda hay fields. I have sprayed them twice with gly. several days after cutting hay but before the bermuda greens up.
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    I sprayed Lambda-cyhalothrin last year for stem maggots and it did a good job on grasshoppers also. Some of them didn't make it back to the fence row before they were dead.
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    CAUSTIC BURNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Caustic
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    I wish they would leave it on DST. I like it not getting dark til 8 in march.
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    Chevron Delo 400

    I use Delo in tractors and trucks and have never had any problems.
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    ????? sprigging Alicia Bermuda

    My cows have no problem eating Alicia. Alicia makes some pretty hay and with its finer stem is one of the easiest bermuda grasses to dry down. It is also a little more forgiving on cutting intervals because of its finer stems. On the down side it is susceptible to rust and stem maggots, and has...
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    Seedstock Plus Sale results

    Hoss thats a fine bull. I like him better than the other two bulls.
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    New Holland TD80D???

    I have a td5050 and they are cheaply made. I have had to replace several clutch cables and the clutch so far. Tractor would probably be OK if your only going to use it a couple hours a week but not for full the use.
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    Cordless impacts?

    I have the 1/2" Milwaukee and love it. After trying it out I put the air gun up the 18v is more powerful.
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    Happy Birthday to the trail boss-- M. Gravlee

    Happpy Birthday Macon
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    The last I did was for $8 a roll net wrapped but that was several years ago.
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    One positive from way too much rain

    Boy are y'all lucky. We have had 35" in the last 90 days and have grasshoppers everywhere. With it raining everyday its not worth trying to spray them.
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    Try Met-cel, it is a generic that is considerably cheaper. Sometimes you will have to hit it again depending on the weather and how bad the bahia is. I have had better luck spraying when its dry.
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    Buying a New Truck

    I believe you will find that cab and chassis hp ratings are formulated differently than pickups. I have a 11 cab and chassis and it has all the power you need. Russell Barnett Ford in Winchester,TN has an ad in the Fastline that has several cab and chassis with beds on them.
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    new holland td 5050

    I have a 2wd td5050 and I have had several issues with it. First the clutch cable has broken twice and the pto cable once, It only has a 24 gallon fuel tank that can be used in less than a day of hay baling, and the front screen has to big of holes in it allowing trash to get on the a/c...
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    big ass rat'ler

    The young man that killed the rattlesnake is Zachary Andrews and it was 5'9".
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    big ass rat'ler

    That snake was killed in Levy county Florida. I never did hear how long it actually was but it was big enough to make me kill myself trying to get away from it.