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  1. J

    Mouse trap

    That fires me up ! Going to make one this afternoon when I get off of shift.
  2. J


    Termidor is the chemical that Terminix uses and it's supposed to be good for atleast 10 years, and it kills even the worst varietys of termites. You can order it online at http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.comI don't think this website requires a license, and it's alot cheaper than using Terminix.
  3. J

    $1 Million fish that got away.

    How can someone be stupid enough to enter a tournament like that, with that much money in the pot, and not buy a license ? I just don't have the words........
  4. J

    Straight Fence line

    What I did on long runs that were too far for a string or a wire was used my deer rifile, aimed from one corner to the other and had a friend line up a few flagged rods with the cross hairs of the scope. Where the rods were I built some H braces and then ran a single stand of wire from them to...
  5. J

    Dog Mange

    I mixed burnt oil and diesel and sponged it on them. The dry skin flaked off and thier coats are comming back fine, no more scratching. I guess I was lucky to have the right type of mange.
  6. J

    Dog Mange

    This day and age I try to save a buck as often as I can by not running to the vet everytime an animal gets the sniffles. You may, and that might be why you are "still trying to get back to even."
  7. J

    Dog Mange

    You are right, burnt oil works great, I just wanted to try something a little less messey.
  8. J

    Dog Mange

    I have lime and sulphur at home. Does anyone know how to mix this to make a dip for the mange ? Do I need both or just one ?
  9. J

    South American Ranches

    So, I can stay at your house ?
  10. J

    South American Ranches

    Yall try to get a place near Reo so I can come stay over to watch the 2016 Olympics.
  11. J

    Global Warming --> Fact or Fiction?

    I try to look at the bright side. If sea levels rise, it wont be as far a drive to the beach :D
  12. J

    Early morning redfish

    dieselbeef wrote: cannot possess all that fish here in fl..thatll git ya locked up bigtime..awesome day of fishin tho ~!! How many are yall allowed to keep over there ? Here it's five per man per day, only one over 27" and nothing under 16". Joe, how many can yall keep in Georgia ? by...
  13. J

    Early morning redfish

    I finally posted the pictures.
  14. J

    What was wrong with the site ?

    This is the first time in five days that I was able to log on. Does anyone know what the problem was or did I just get lucky today ?
  15. J

    Drying off wet, cold calves

    Use a Sham Wow, on the TV commercial it will dry anything.
  16. J


    I was born in 73. Got lucky enough to see alot of the older things before they faded out. Here's just a few: a combine without a cab, just an umbrella. back and white tv's, without remotes. when an entertainment center was a five foot long piece of furniture with a radio, record player, and...
  17. J

    Early morning redfish

    yeah I think she did. She said next time we go she's comming. You're right about the fight, those fish pull. They averaged about 5lbs a piece, only one under 20" long. As soon as I can download the pictures I'll post them.
  18. J

    Early morning redfish

    My seven year old son and I went down to the coast the other day to cut the grass at the camp. That evening we caught two before dark and geared up for the morning. At daylight we put the boat in the water and started catching some nice redfish. We were two shy of our limit when they stopped...
  19. J

    a ten year old's lesson

    A friend of mine needed to get rid of a beaver dam, so he called this guy that would blow them up. The guy said he quit doing it because of the red tape after 911 to get explosives. He ended up wedging a half full 5 gal propane bottle in the dam and shot it with a rifile from 200 yds away. It...
  20. J

    Tree Question

    I have a ten year old live oak tree that the storm split, up where the branches start to fork out. I cut off the broken section, and it left a pretty large scar. What can I paint on the scar to keep out the bugs and the rot until it heals itself ?