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    The virus is acting up again in my neck of woods looks like may be isolating again , how are the southern neighbours doing?
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    Heifer bull

    My shorthorn heifer bull
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    Hello out There!

    Been gone for while but have some time now, just wondering how my friends on CT are making out in these trying times. Calving to start soon here and weather bad been snowing for 3 days and -20 c looks like 3 more days of this crap then warming hope so cant hardly find the cows now! lol . Been on...
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    Some Shorthorns,Tamarack is still around!

    A couple of my shorthorn bull calves And a couple of 2 yr old sale bulls , White guy is sire of bull calves
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    Some Shorthorns

    Some of my PB replacement heifers Frosty here today -38C but not much snow this year.
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    Denver Show

    Anyone here going ? I am heading down next week maybe see you there. Happy New Year everyone,Tamarack
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    Shorthorn pics

    Last shorthorn cow calved Shorthorn calves hanging out A white shorthorn bull calf will make someone a dandy bull
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    Calving time in north

    Well finally got some moisture a winter storm in spring think we got more wet snow than all winter About 1.5 feet of snow fell in 24 hrs took trees and power lines down no power for 18hr.Lost about 3 calves I think have to wait till snow melts to find them. Storm broke warming up good snow...
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    Bull sales

    How are the bulls selling in your area? They are not moving much around here and prices have fell quite a bit. I sold all stock i had last year 10 bulls and so far this year only sold 3 have 6 left . Have gone to lots of sales and quite a few breeders have taken a percentage home after not...
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    How's the fruit comming along down south ? Can't wait for the cherries and peaches to start making it north .
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    Deformed calf

    any one see a newborn calf like this it has only one testicle and is huge. Feels like a normal testicle and nothing else in sack, do you just ring him and hope for best? PB calf out of AI programme [URL=][/URL
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    Problem cows

    What drugs do you use on cows that are cystic to bring them to heat i have been using Progesterone . Just wondering if there was anything better to use on those cows that keep getting later.
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    White Shorthorn bulls

    Pic of my white shorthorn bulls Yearling bull I used last spring Two year old I bought this spring.
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    On the mend

    Got home from hospital last night had pneumonia and spent few days in hospital but feeling better. My son and neighbors doing chores will have to stay in for awhile yet this sure kicks your butt . We had the biggest storm of the year with a foot of snow I watched from the house as they fed my...
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    Last year about this time This year Had quite a drought this summer and no snow to speak of so far this keeps up will be even dryer next year. Hows everyone else making out?
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    Cattle dog

    New pup is coming along nice. We move our bred heifers to water every morning, I can stay in one place in pen and get her to do rest. Done her job!
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    Shorthorn bull calves

    Some of my purebred shorthorn bull for next year . I have been away for awhile but should be back and ready for winter just weaned the calves today and sent grandkids calves to auction in BC. Just waiting for the kids to arrive as they are not going to miss going to sell their calves, not to...
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    White heifer disease

    I had a really nice white shorthorn heifer that I tried to AI. I had a ai tec from the collage doing my ai for me and he was stumped couldn't find a connection to the cervix and finally gave up said he hadn't been stumped by this before as he taught ai for more than 10 years. In talking to a...
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    Calving in Alberta

    Some of you are talking about haying, we are a long ways from it here. I had 2 calves in the house just to warm them up and get them going, been a long couple days. Cover them up with straw after they have a belly full of warm milk and dried off and they are ready to go. Not much fun when...
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    April fools

    Mother nature pulled a good one this year just when you thought spring was here. Took pic going to friends place to have a coffee.