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    3 Straws

    Is it worth using 3 straws? I had 45% conception this year as compaird to 60% last year. Same cows and same AI technician. Semen is getting high on some bulls. I wanted to use Crossover 14509685. Semen 60 and 40 dollar certs.
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    New Cow

    14091730. Will get pictures when she comes home. Has an Precision 1023 bull calve at side and confirmed safe to Corona.
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    Evans Farms

    Sale is this Sat. at 1PM. Some preatty good cattle.
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    For those who have flushed cows.

    Ever use more than one bull and then DNA the calves for parentage? If so how did you go about it. My guy will AI my cow 4 times. I did not know if you would use both at each AI or rotate.
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    Finks Cowmaker 205

    Anyone use this bull? Was in a commercial herd since 1996. 12622782
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    Most hard headed breed.

    WEENY DOGS!!!!! :mad: They do not listen at all.
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    This AM while driving around I saw 6 of them together. First I thought it was odd that there were that many this time of the year. Is this strange to anyone else? They are usually 2 or 3 since the pups are weaned. but the oddest was the black colored one. Other than the color it looked and...
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    Just read about them purchasing Bill Rischel Angus herd.
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    Favorite Pistol

    Looking for a new pistol. One to carry for protection. Have a SM .357. Looking for more consilable with the same power.
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    Deformed calve

    I am trying to get pictures to post. My buddy had a calve born the had an inlarged head. The palate was cleft and the mouth for the most part looked more like a birds beak. The legs seemed normal. The heifer delivered unassisted. Any ideas? What are the freaky things you people have seen?
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    Wheat Turnout

    How long befor do most feed a magnesium supplement befor turning out cows on wheat?
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    National Beef Quality Audit.

    Top ten quality challenges. 1. Insufficient marbling and low quality grades. 2. Lack of uniformaty in cattle. 3. Inadequate tenderness of beef. 4. Yield grades too high. 5. Low cutability. 6. Carcass weights too heavy. 7. Injection site lesions. 8. Inadequate flavor. 9. Inadequate muscle. 10...
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    Ads by Google.

    Did you guys and gals catch the one from I noticed it under VanC topic of Religion a doulde standard. Here is their contact. [email protected] <[email protected]>
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    Solid Tech I am not much on killed vacines. Tell me what you think.
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    Drain/Freez plugs

    I bought a piece of land that had an old side roll/wheele move on it. got new plugs but they are not working well. Any tips on how you got around the leaks. I thought about clamping the plugs shut.
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    From a GREAT MAN

    A Commentary on a “More Valuable Product” By Tommy Donnell Let’s first take a look back. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, America produced more choice beef then than we do today. What was different back then? Our cattle were predominantly English, we didn’t implant, and our grading standards were...
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    New Bull New cleanup bull.
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    Just got there sale book. Look like some good cattle. Tell me what you think. I am not much on the lot 1 bull.
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    Changing Seasons.

    Some of my cows I was thinking of hold off and letting them go from calving in May to calving in Sept and Oct. Give me what you guys and gals think are the pros and cons.
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    Hay treatment

    Case IH has an ad in the Farm Journal that advetises a hay treament applicator. The name brand of the chemical is Thirsty Plus. It is propionic acid that inhibits hay spoilage. Any one tried this or hear about it?