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    mag 1 15w40 oil

    anyone use Mag 1 15W40 CK4 H/D Diesel Oil. looks to be made by warren. just seen a place selling it for 45 a 5 gallon bucket.
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    creeping buttercup

    how do i get rid of the stuff. i have sprayed 24d before but it comes back the next year.
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    diesel storage tank

    just bought a 300 gal steel tank to store diesel in. i would like to build a metal stand for it, maybe 6 ft. tall for gravity. i have some 1-1/2 x 1/8 angle iron laying around. will this metal be strong enough or do i need to look at something bigger. from pics i see online, most look on the...
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    what to plant, summer grass

    just finished clearing up 4 acres of new ground for pasture. little late for fescue i think. what can i plant now to keep from washing and maybe get a little grazing. in tennessee.
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    555 xl vermeer baler

    any one running a 555 xl vermeer baler? what are your thoughts on them? the good and bad.
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    eating a 5 year old cow

    got a cow that will not breed back. with the low price and im needing meat, think i will make hamburger out of her. will feeding grain and corn for a month or so help to clean her out any?
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    clover seed

    how to plant clover in a pasture with out disturbing the ground? will i get much up to just broadcast on top of ground before a good rain?
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    how late for k-31

    how late can k31 fescue be planted in tn? need to plant 10 acres but we have been way to dry and hot. finally got some rain and maybe more on the way.
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    pregnant check at the salebarn question

    took some calves and 2 cows that have always gave me trouble at calving time to the sale barn the other day. had the 2 cows preg checked. on the receipt beside the cows one says f/1+ and f/3. does that mean 1 month + and 3month pregnant?
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    calf with breathing problem with video

    got a calf almost 3 months old that has a breathing problem. loud breathing and wheezing and a cough. i dont know how to describe it, i took a video today while i had it in the headchute giving it a shot. the coop sold me la300 was all they had for respiratory. anyone know what might be wrong...
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    vermeer baler pickup removal

    was in process of changing the bearings on the pickup shaft on a vermeer 505 super I and noticed the fiberglass bushings are completely gone. i cant see how the whole shaft can come out. by looking at the part diagram im thinking the whole assembly has to come out and then maybe slide the sides...
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    does carrier bearing help on bush hog pto

    im needing a 10ft pull behind bush hog. im seeing more local in my price range with just a one piece pto without the carrier bearing. the pto shafts are fairly long and looks like it could wobble without the carrier bearing. i have never ran either style so i dont have any idea. the only pull...
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    whats best to plant for summer grazing?

    i got about 9 acres i been clearing, was thinking about planting sudan grass like have in the past, but it has doubled in price this year from last year. is there anything else i can plant similar to the sudan that might be cheaper?
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    1994 ford f super duty opinions

    what do yall think of this model truck? i have never owned a diesel pickup before, and looking for one i can pull a gooseneck for hay and tractors etc. neighbor has one for sale, it looks to be in decent shape. will need tires in the near future. its got the 7.3 turbo with 5 speed. 10ft flatbed...
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    when to fatten a bull

    i would like to finish a bull out to butcher, all i have now is a 425lbs 5 1/2 month old brangus mix. how old and big do i need to let hem get before i lock him in a pen to fatten.
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    Tennessee River Implements

    anyone run there Implements? looking at a 10' pull behind brush hog, around $4,500 wondering how they hold up. ... tters.html
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    geeting new ground ready to sow grass

    have around 16 acres of new ground to sow, was logged 4 years ago. stumps dug and leveled out. have bogged and planted sudan the last 2 years. most of it is ready to sow into grass for pasture. grass seed is so high right now i think i will plant 1/3 or half now. around here all i see planted is...
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    woods 121 rotary mower anygood?

    woods 121 10ft pull behind mower.. going to look at one next week for sale near me, are these good mowers? anything particular i should be looking for?
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    mixing selenium premix with trace salt.

    been looking for a mineral mix with more selenium in it, the most i can find local has 30ppm and its around $20 a bag at coop. found a bag of selenium premix at another feed store today and bought a bag to mix with salt, but i have no idea how much to mix in with it. below is a link to what i...
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    how to split a steer for meat?

    i will be supplying a steer and sending to the butcher. i want to keep half and neighbor wants to buy the other half. how would be a fair way to do this? he will do nothing but pick up the meat from me. also if i have a 500 lbs grass feed steer, lock him in a pen with grain and grower, how...