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    Cattle trailer floor

    Seems to me I recently read something about replacing the floor in a cattle trailer with a "poly" wood or something. We are going to have to replace the floor in our trailer and wanted to look into other options than wood. It is an older steel trailer but we like it and with new prices, don't...
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    Severe winter weather in Va.

    Well, we got hit here in Va with some of the worst weather in a long time... Cold is okay, it is January which is winter.... snow is okay too, again for the same reasons... but this cold miserable punishing wind on top of 13 degree temps and snow and sleet is just a little bit too much...
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    Tornado in eastern Iowa

    Saw on our news that there was a tornado that went through and heavily damaged the sale barn near Manchester.... Anyone in that area???? Showed the roof down and damage on the pens/unloading area...Hope it was not a sale day and did not have livestock in there....
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    Just a note that I will be hit or miss here for a bit. Got news that my mom passed away today. Don't know the details yet. She has had alzheimers and has been bad, it is really a blessing but my dad is going to take it very bad as he was nearly beside himself a few weeks back when he thought...
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    Anyone hear about some cattle rustling going on near the Purdon Tx area? Or cattle being shot?
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Hope all have a good Thanksgiving. Regardless of whether you are going to spend it secluded or go about your normal celebrations.
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    And Now the POTUS and his wife are tested positive...

    Seems that the POTUS and his wife have tested positive for the virus. Had a staffer that tested and they probably contracted it from her....Said the Dow dropped 500 this morning due to that.... They are self quarantining at the WH and he is continuing to carry out his duties... No report of...
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    Remembering 9-11

    I hope that everyone took a moment to remember and show their respect for the ones that lost their lives in the horrible disaster that was inflicted on our country 19 years ago. We are at a crossroads that we must reflect back to what happened, and the ones behind the horrible attacks on our...
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    I apologize if my reaction and post got the recent presidential thread locked. The comment that was made on how I "wasn't going to vote against a woman and black person?", because I am a female, created a really strong response from me. I do not think that you should vote for someone by...
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    Current prices here in Va.

    Took a few calves in yesterday to the local sale. Prices were surprisingly higher on the steers than we were thinking. Only took 6 as we moved a bunch out of a pasture that several insisted on going through the "not so good fencing".... and a couple kept going across the dirt road into the...
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    To all who celebrate the Easter holiday, I hope that you can find peace and comfort in the day. For many that will church by TV or some remote method, smaller or even no family gatherings. But I hope that the day is good for all.
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    Current prices here in Va.

    We were hesitant to sell because of the whole corona virus thing, and not knowing if there was going to be a "lockdown" as we heard might happen. But decided to try because it was going to be a graded sale, and because we are out of corn silage. Had planned to sell this group earlier and we...
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    Although this doesn't pertain to cattle. just wondered if anyone has seen the problems they are having with coyotes in Mass? and maybe in NH? Just this past week..... A coyote challenged a family out walking in the woods close to their house, mid-day, and it wouldn't run off and the father...
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    Left Ankle replacement

    Just a note to let everyone that might be wondering that I finally had my ankle replacement on Feb 6th. My son fell coming off the back of the bale bed truck when his foot slipped and snapped his right femur and was non-weight bearing for over 2 months so we could not both be on crutches at the...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Just wanted to say a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to all. I know that there are members on here that also celebrate other ethnic holidays and I wish you the best for whatever you do celebrate. But I am also tired of not being able to just say Merry Christmas without...
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    Katie in Thorpe

    Just happened to see an ad for an auction co that is in Alberta Can, that was showing some of the stuff for sale on Oct 28th. Had a 7 ft tall iron(?) statue of an elk, and it just made me think of her and how things were going since they "retired". The elk was her picture and it just brought...
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    Lithuanian Farmer

    Anyone heard from her lately? Haven't seen any posts and she usually has some great pictures to share.
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    A moment of silent prayer

    Don't know if anyone saw anything on national news, but here in Virginia, we had a tragedy that bears a moment of thought and to be thankful every day for our families. There was an explosion at a small community "market", in the Buena Vista area. A little "mom and pop" type...
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    I don't understand why the "every little bit helps" thread got locked. It was citing a totally legit cause, and the article stated the reference to Homeland security not allowing the Gov't to accept any gifts etc unless they approved. So Why Not build it on private property all across the...
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    Sky's surgery

    Sky had his gall bladder surgery yesterday, is home and feeling "sore as sh*t". Drop him a get well quick and get back to work message :lol: :lol: