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  1. gusea305

    Saying Goodbye

    Well folks, I am expecting I will be banned any moment now. I just wanted to say good bye and thank you. I have learned a lot from all of you I have interacted with. Be well and blessed and may your herds as well. If I somehow do not get banned...well I look forward to many more years from...
  2. gusea305

    Murray Grey Cross Calves

    Here are this year's calves so far. They are still in my sacrifice area.
  3. gusea305

    Feeder Alfalfa

    I need some help here folks. We are down to a few days of grass hay and I am not interested in paying 350 to 400 a ton for more if I can keep from it. I still have about a dozen haylage bales, and a semi load of 1300# bales of feeder alfalfa. What will happen if I feed straight alfalfa? I was...
  4. gusea305

    Murray Grey Bull and Mixed Herd

    Can't get to the feeder so we are ground feeding today. Kids are down from Portland and wanted to give a hand. We raise just enough to pay for them selves, and from conception to consumption. Have a prosperous new year all.
  5. gusea305

    Degloved Scrotum 2-3 month old calf

    Greetings all, I am brand new here, and was prompted to join because of a problem I have not dealt with before. I have banded all my bulls, some grown some within a few days of birth and never had a problem until now. Somehow my calf slipped his nut up through the band and it didn't heal...