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  1. BK9954

    Case 60XT

    Anyone have experience/issues with a Case 60XT. Looking at buying a 2004 with 750 hours. Thanks in advance.
  2. BK9954

    Planting Rye on top of seeded

    We had a huge pipeline company pull eminent domain straight through the middle of our property. In the contract, they are planting “Texas Tough” Bermuda mix, We have no choice, but they have been dragging their feet on getting it in the ground. We are now looking at the middle or close to the...
  3. BK9954

    Formula For Feed Per Day?

    Hey, me and my family have the darn luck our ranch being taken over for a while and devastated by a large corporation. I am needing to add in negotiations as to them compensating me for feeding my cattle while they are occupying my place. Anyone know of a formula I could use as for bulls, cows...
  4. BK9954

    Cow Down

    Heavy bred cow down but eating and drinking a little day and a half ago (in the evening) Neighbor said it was probably the baby positioned restricting the cow from getting up. I sent pictures to the doc and he had me come by and pick up the 4 of the calcium gel tubes, like the one at TSC but it...
  5. BK9954

    with drought, has anyone ever fed sawdust?

    I read about people feeding sawdust, but it doesn't say how to break it down, also had a guy in the 50's that fed shredded news paper during the drought. Anyone done this and if so how to do it so the cattle can break it down and get the nutrients?
  6. BK9954

    Black Charolais

    What are your thoughts on black charolais. Spoke to a breeder. Not able to register except in Canada. No angus in them from the breeder I spoke to. Not sure of the actual process but they are supposed to be 100% Charolais. They bred 2 red charolias together and got black one. Then kept going.
  7. BK9954

    Heat Stress Relief 107 degree heat

    107 degree heat, feels like 112. Most of my cows have a little brahman so they make it. My hereford bull is having a hard time. The other day bad salivating, fast heavy breathing, all the signs of heat stress... today he was laying down next to the trough, in the shade, breathing really hard, I...
  8. BK9954

    using equine electric tape

    Has anybody use that temporary electric equine tape to keep cattle in. We have a drought going on but I have pastors I haven't used yet that I could let my cattle graze on.
  9. BK9954

    Spreadable Grass Sead?

    This is the situation, don't have a tractor, just an ATV with a spreader, and not the budget to rent one. Plus my place is so rough, it would need to be worked with a bulldozer to make a day of running a tractor worth it. I spread winter oats on top of the soil a couple of years ago in October...
  10. BK9954

    worth getting these dogs? Free....

    Anyone have any experience with these dogs, I do have children and Guinea fowls. My youngest child is 9. Approximately 4 month old female catahoula and 1 yr old male red and white border collie.
  11. BK9954

    Electric Fence Pulsing Slower

    My fence is only pulsing once every 6 secondS or longer. A lot slower then it used to. I don't see or hear any shorts. Could cold weather do this to a charger? It's a Zareba AC 50 mile, I have it outside, in a bucket under a trashcan, so it's out of the rain. My other chargers are Parmak and...
  12. BK9954

    In heat twice in a week?

    Anyone had a cow go into heat twice in a week. I pulled my calves off the cows for a couple days to jolt them into cycling. Some first calf heifers and some older. This 7 year old hereford was being mounted the day after, and the bull was making the goal. bull had her off for a day alone...
  13. BK9954

    Why I kill every Coyote

    Got woken up this morning by the kids screaming about a coyote behind the house. I look out and one is chasing 4 calves ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months old. All the cows, alot of brahman blood, standing there watching. Maybe they're desensitize because I have two dogs, or see coyotes all the...
  14. BK9954

    Training a Blue Heeler?

    Just got a 10 month old blue Heeler female. She is sweet as pie but the guy I got her from said she didn't mess with his show steers but would go after his goat. Just his 1 goat with no horns, I saw it, the thing was about 30 pounds. The ones with horns it didnt mess with. So far she has been...
  15. BK9954

    Any Guess On Age?

    Picked this girl up at auction few weeks ago 7 months bred. Any guess on how old she is?
  16. BK9954

    Ideas on pig water troughs?

    I have been through a few water trough ideas with pigs. Cattle mineral buckets turn into a mud mess after they step in them, tried a barrel, cut it out on the middle but some of the hogs had trouble putting their heads in. What do other people use?
  17. BK9954

    Fermenting Distillers Grain Safe?

    The company I get distillers grain from switched from whole corn to a finely crushed corn. Now the barrels I picked up I can hear bubbling just like a can of soda. There is a smell of alcohol. Is this safe to feed to my cattle or hogs? The stuff before I never had this problem.
  18. BK9954

    Mineral for Hogs

    Is there a mineral I should be feeding my hogs? Can't really find a solid answer on the Internet. I have one that has a syndrome where every once in a while his back legs give out and he dips and yelps, but it said this could be caused by stress or change in diet.
  19. BK9954

    Harvey Affect Dove Season

    Not too many birds flying this morning. I only shot 4. I didn't even see many song birds. There were some groups flying but not many and pretty darn high. Wondering if the storm affected the dove.
  20. BK9954

    Animal Protein for Pigs?

    Got a great line up on daily fried chicken for my pigs. We debone it and feed them the chicken and breading. Animal protein is okay correct. They are also on a diet of distillers corn grain, crushed corn and fresh fruit and veggie trimmings.