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  1. D.R. Cattle

    My heroes have always been cowboys

    I recently had the pleasure of working with a college intern. He was from Brazil and was finalizing his degree in verterinary science. His English was broken but he was quite handy with a herd of cattle. For a few months we raked him over the coals. He responded wih hard work and incredible...
  2. D.R. Cattle

    Gators Rule!

    The boys from the swamp have been unleashed. In laws root for Vols, my side for Gators. What a war going on in this house!
  3. D.R. Cattle

    Stockmans Knives

    Time to retire the trusty Old Timer. Had some fellers even tell me they quit making them, to put it away. I've been looking at Moore, Hen & Rooster, Case and Carl Schlieper (spelling). Any comments on your favorites? My interest lies only in stockmans style, with clip, sheepsfoot and spey blades.
  4. D.R. Cattle

    Lasater BM

    Missed an opportunity to meet Mr. Lasater the other day. Couldn't leave the herd while he was touring the ranch with my boss. What a disappointment.
  5. D.R. Cattle

    Castrating with a tag cutter?

    Maybe I'm a little late on this, but I watched a couple hundred bull calves get cut with a tag cutter the other day. Worked like a charm and was super fast. Knocked off the bottom of the sack, pulled both testicles and lopped them off just as you would with a knife. Very little bleeding.
  6. D.R. Cattle

    Any of you watch Chris Cox Horsemaship?

    His brother lives near me and is dayworking at the ranch with me. He's quite a horseman. I learned an interesting story about the family. Boy the world seems small sometimes.
  7. D.R. Cattle

    Hey Flaboy

    I've been looking high and low for a better deal on a good Florida cowwhip. Best place around me is Eli's in Okeechobee. They run $10/foot there. Got any secret stashes?
  8. D.R. Cattle

    Florida cracker terminology

    A GUIDE TO CRACKERESE Catchdogs — Cracker cattle-herding dogs trained to literally "catch" a cow and hold its ear or nose in its teeth until a cowman arrived. Chittlins — Cracker version of chitterlings, or hog innards, cleaned and cooked. Conchs — Key West Crackers. Cooter — A freshwater...
  9. D.R. Cattle

    Question for large volume cow/calfers

    How you guys attaching a calf to her dam in the recordbooks on say a 5,000 head operation? We've got the herd split into 2 seasons, so approximately 2,500 head need to be rode out every morning during drop season. This does not seem very efficient. Any ideas? Currently we just don't do it. We...
  10. D.R. Cattle

    stock dogs

    The outfit I just started working at had 81 head replacement heifers in a 200 acre pasture. 50 acres of it was swampy nasty can't get a horse in it stuff. These heifers had never had much contact and definitely not any respect for a horse. We went after em and they just ran back through us like...
  11. D.R. Cattle

    New venison recipe

    My cousins up in WV whipped out a couple mason jars this year and heated it up for me. The stuff inside didn't look too appealing but it smelled good and I tried it. Best dang stuff I ever put in my mouth. "Canned deer meat." I'm sure there are a few on here who know about it but I'll tell for...
  12. D.R. Cattle

    Hollywood sinks to a new low

    What's with this queer cowboy picture they keep raving about in the news? What'll they think of next?
  13. D.R. Cattle

    7MM WSM reviews

    My 15 year old has been choking the stock of a Model 94 dirty dirty (30-30) since he was old enough. Good gun to have in the cabinet but now that he's become a real deerslayer he's buggin me about a step up in the food chain. He's a leftie, so the search becomes more difficult. I've heard a lot...
  14. D.R. Cattle

    Look before you leap

    Been walking the pastures a lot lately tagging and banding new calves. My leases are all old citrus groves with water standing in the furrows. Was walking up on a cow/calf today, went to jump the furrow, but something told me to do a better inspection before jumping. Dang if there wasn't a fat...
  15. D.R. Cattle


    Hey Flaboy+, you ready? Looks like a CAT 3 or 4 coming in to the West Coast and then rumbling through me in the Treasure Coast as CAT 1. Just what we needed. Another gob of rain. Don't suppose I'll pen the herd and work them this Saturday.
  16. D.R. Cattle

    Help ID an old Deere

    Neighbor selling some old iron and I'm trying to find out exactly what it is. It's pretty beat up but appears to be around 45-60 HP. 4 cylinder diesel. Has shuttle shift and power steering. Tranny selector has "P" for park I assume. Appears to be one of the first shuttle shift or collar shift...
  17. D.R. Cattle

    diesel fuel conspiracy?

    Diesel running 3.30 to 3.60 a gallon while super unleaded is 3.05? What the ehck is going on? I know diesel is in higher demand during colder months, but isn't it a little premature for that? Seems to me like the oil folks are passing the real costs on to farmers and commercial operators, the...
  18. D.R. Cattle

    vaginal prolapse

    New one for me. Checked yesterday afternoon and all were safe and sound. Rode the herd this morning and found a cow with a mass hanging out the back side. At first it seemed afterbirth but watching for a minute I realized it was different. Looks like a giant roast hanging out the back side. Some...
  19. D.R. Cattle


    You ready for another Macon?
  20. D.R. Cattle

    To Macon

    Thought you might be interested in a good fishing story. My son and some relatives from out of town fished 80 ft of water out of Sebastian inlet Friday. Picked up a 50# bull dolphin among some other smaller fish. What a day. Caught plenty of them over the years but never any of that size. Have a...