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  1. coachg

    One of those days

    My daily Bible reading truly fits my past 2 days . Found a 5 year old cow in labor late yesterday, didn’t really think anything about it , her 3 rd calf . Left that pasture and went to the big pasture and found a dead cow . No obvious injuries or reason for her being dead . Got significant rain...
  2. coachg

    Electric vehicles

  3. coachg

    Show me your herd bull

    Getting to be an old man , going to be 7 this fall . Our Plattemere Weigh Up son. Thinking seriously about letting him go after August, especially if bulls are still over a dollar a lb . He was a replacement for the bull I originally bought at the Deer Valley sale . That bull had a big corn...
  4. coachg

    Navel on a week old calf

    Rupture , infected ? Heifer calf so I know it’s not male parts .
  5. coachg

    Rolling hay !

    Have today and tomorrow to roll about 70 acres. So far raking has been our big issue . Extra thick ( good thing) light, and wanting to pile up before it comes out the back . Discovered a broke piece on the frame of our rake . Will need to be welded on a rainy day . Borrowed a neighbors and after...
  6. coachg

    Lost one

    Strange situation, not sure if I have seen this one . Heifer calved this afternoon. Full term calf , full umbilical cord still attached to the placenta . 70 lb heifer calf . Did she stay in labor too long and the placenta separated ?
  7. coachg

    Rain finally

    Been a fairly dry spring, finally got a significant rain yesterday and today. 3.2 inches with more predicted
  8. coachg

    Hay time

    First round of rye grass hay
  9. coachg

    Wednesday practice round @ The Masters

    My 11 year old granddaughter Molly ( front row , golf skirt, arms folded . ) Gary Player , Raymond Floyd , Tom Watson
  10. coachg

    Happy Easter !

    Sunrise service in front of a beautiful waterfall, church , Easter meal with family . I couldn’t be more thankful! Then my usual routine of checking heifers morning and evening . Evening proved fruitful, with 3 new babies ! One out of a first calf heifer I had been sort of concerned over ...
  11. coachg

    Will this work ?

    Deer , rabbits , groundhog ? ate my cabbage plants up last spring. Know it probably won’t stop a rabbit but trying the fence panels on my cabbage plants .
  12. coachg

    My fishing buddy

    My oldest grandson, he’ll be 5 at the end of April. I hooked the bass and he reeled it in but he cast and caught the bream and crappie by himself. Paw Paw was getting tired but he kept at it . Told me he didn’t get tired ! Especially when he’s fishing 🎣 😂
  13. coachg

    Raising twins

    Sometimes mom just needs to get off her feet and rest a minute with twins !
  14. coachg

    Reason you check heifers more than once a day

    Calf was through the fence in a stump hole where the tornadoes in 2011 blew a big oak over . Had to climb over the fence and come in behind him to keep him from going down in the woods . Always an adventure when dealing with cattle ! 🤠
  15. coachg


    Sometimes ole dad gets stuck with the kid . Little one was lying down by his feet when I first saw them . Got to close and she got up .
  16. coachg

    2022 babies

    First calf heifer
  17. coachg

    Looky what I found .

    Putting out hay last week and spotted this little girl . Mom had the misfortune of losing her baby last year . Registered Hereford cow and registered Angus bull .
  18. coachg

    No closeup on this one !

    Son bought a commercial herd from a neighbor who lost his barn , equipment , and his love for farming I think after being hit by a tornado . Had 2 of these girls , both red , horned , and fast . We caught her and worked her 4-5 years ago when we first rented his farm and bought the cattle . We...
  19. coachg

    Never fails

    We don’t get snow very often and we use to pull our bulls so we didn’t get Dec , Jan , or February calves but …. 3-4 inches of snow after 70 degrees 2 days ago with tornadoes and I find this one this morning while putting out hay .