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  1. Dsth

    Do you live on the farm?

    We live 1/2 mile from the farm. I remember walking that 1/2 mile many times in the winter when we were in the dairy business and had to get down there for milking time. our road is known for drifting shut regardless of wind direction. now in the beef business, it is back and forth during...
  2. Dsth

    Safe to buy feeders at auction?

    did you ask your local veterinarian if he/she knows of anyone selling feeders? feed store is also a good source for recommendations. good advice above if you end up buying at auction.
  3. Dsth

    AI Protocol

    I have been using the 7 day CIDR and PG when I pull CIDRs since I started syncing about 10 years ago. I do my own breeding so breed on observed heat. If I have a cow/heifer that does not show signs of heat with that protocol, I will use the 7 + 7 protocol (did not see it on ABS protocols), but...
  4. Dsth

    New to cattle ranching. So excited!

    welcome. as I read through some of the previous post, I get the impression that you have the type of attitude it takes to thrive in your new adventure. also to thrive of this forum. good luck with both and looking forward to updates on how life is going.
  5. Dsth


    I had a 3 month old calf 2 years ago with a similar cut. cut was deep and nicked the bone. vet said prognosis was not good, but we poured a sulfur based (pretty sure it was sulfur based) wound powder on an elastic wrap and wrapped the wound. changed wrap about every other day or when it looked...
  6. Dsth


    welcome. always nice to see new members join in.
  7. Dsth

    Worth the wait

    congratulations to you both. not sure what you meant by being a cheap date. love is the most valuable gift you can give each other.
  8. Dsth

    AI vs Natural Service

    thanks for sharing your thought on AI and Bull breeding. When I went through the AI training 40 years ago, the instructor said that knowing the breeding date and calving date will by itself pay for the cost of AIing. I was in the dairy business at the time and I would have to agree with that...
  9. Dsth

    BQA and AI synch injections

    I took my BQA lessons on line and my understanding was that the injection site damage was from the needle itself and not necessarily from the drug used. I seemed to have better luck injecting AI sync drugs in the hind leg muscle but since taking the class, I only inject in the neck.
  10. Dsth

    Continue Baling or Change Course

    as I read your post, I realized that I am in about the same frame of mind as you. I did custom baling for about 30 years and decided to quit because of the aggravation of some customers and cost to replace equipment. I have about 25-30 cow calf pairs and do my own hay. my equipment is the same...
  11. Dsth

    Udder/teat sanitation

    when we were in the dairy business, we used an iodine based udder wash mixed in a bucket of hot/warm water. use a clean cloth towel to wash teats. do not dip a dirty cloth back into the mix if you need more than one cloth to clean teats. you can also use a pre milking teat dip that is probably...
  12. Dsth

    Some of my favorite heifer calves this year

    nice pics. it is nice when those outstanding features stand out early in the offspring. shows your good breeding genetics.
  13. Dsth

    Another farming accident........

    always hate to hear about farming accidents. have heard several times that farming is the most dangerous occupation in USA. prayers for family and friends.
  14. Dsth

    Sad morning

    So sorry about Claire. I hope you were able to be with her and comfort her when they put her down. pets are part of the family and always hurts when one passes away.
  15. Dsth


    I would think that would be a good thing. better than finding a heifer with feet in the air and half of a calf hanging out. income sooner than expected.
  16. Dsth

    Landowner problems when leasing

    Here in Iowa, a farm land rental or lease automatically renews unless either the landlord or tenant notifies the other in writing that the contract will end. this has to be postmarked by September 1st. for the following years rent. do you have a written or oral agreement? here the tenant has...
  17. Dsth

    Hello to all

    welcome to the CT family. hope you share your knowledge with the rest of us as well as asking many ?s. hope you enjoy your time on here.
  18. Dsth

    Is there a test to see how far along your pregnant cow is ?

    I used Biopryn for a few years years. they test for for a PSPB (pregnancy specific protein B.) even when testing at 30 - 60 days, the results are all over the board. each cow will produce that protein at a different rate which is why they give you a range for the results. may be okay for testing...
  19. Dsth

    Bought a bull, sight unseen

    nice looking bull. hope he exceeds all your expectations. he has a nice "herd bull" look for as young as he is.
  20. Dsth

    When to breed? - sexed semen on natural heat.

    I have not heard about waiting 18-22 hours for sexed semen. It is always a guessing game as to when to breed since every cow in the herd may be different. if it was me, I would breed tonight. It may also help to give a shot of Gnrh at insemination time to help ovulate.