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    Stockpiling Sorghum Sudan

    Has anyone tried this? I think I’m going to plant several acres later on this summer to leave as winter stockpile. Gonna try to start grazing mid/late November.
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    Line bred “experiment”

    Nice little Balancer bull calf I had born last spring. He is the result on a mother/son mating. He is wound tighter than a banjo string! Is that possibly from the line breeding?
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    Do you like him?

    Would y’all critique this bull? Not perfect, but tell me whatcha think. He’s a year old.
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    Any hope for this hay?

    Long story short. I had some hay get rained on, then it looks like it got rolled with the bottoms of the wind rows wet. Any hope I can roll it out and the cows will pick through it?
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    Balancer Bull

    Thought I would show off this Balancer bull. I’m using him on a group of cows, but he belongs to a friend of mine.
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    Nice little Gelbvieh heifer.

    She is my standout heifer from spring. She’s a March born PureBred.
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    New calves!

    Started getting the first calves off of the red Gelbvieh bull I bought last year. I think they are looking pretty good, what do y’all think? Average birthweight on 20 calves is 71.9 pounds.
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    Hay 2021!

    last year I got hooked on trying to make good hay. It’s kind of addictive, like owning cattle! I know it’s probably not the most profitable of ventures, but I take pride in having good feed for my cattle. This is going to be my first cutting, ryegrass and crimson clover. Hopefully followed by...
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    Albino deer

    I have been watching this line of deer for years now. At one point there were four of them, now down to two. I see them as I’m putting out hay sometimes, I enjoy them!
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    Red Gelbvieh cattle.

    I have made the decision to move my herd towards being mostly red, Gelbvieh/Balancers. It’s a personal preference for me. Thought I would show some of the genetics I’ll be using.
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    New red angus heifer!

    Bought this heifer today in a partnership. I’m hoping she’s going to be a start to a red balancer line for me.
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    Uh oh!

    Young bulls are STUPID!!!
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    New heifer!

    Hoping to get her home in a few days. She’s a purebred Gelbvieh, going to breed her to my Gelbvieh bull for her first calf next fall! Super excited about her.
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    Soybean hay issues?

    So I’m thinking of adding soybeans to my summer mix that I plant for baleage. I’ve been told not to plant the soybeans as they can cause issues with the cattle, something about messing with the bugs in the rumen. Anyone have any more info on this?
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    Bull for discussion.

    Y’all pick apart this Balancer bull. I know it’s just a picture, but based on what you see what do you like/dislike about him? He was 80# at birth to 1447 adj.yearling.
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    Baler brand?

    What would be y’all pick for best baler brand for putting up Baleage? I plan on getting a used one, so what should I look for? 4x5 rolls are my preference.
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    Made the decision

    To invest in a bale wrapper! It’s hard to make good hay here, and this is just one step towards my goal of better hay. Should help with my production too.
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    Moisture in round bales?

    How much can I get away with and not have total garbage? I have some hay on the ground now that still has a good bit of moisture in the stems (Sorghum Sudan). It’s thin, with small stems and it’s mixed with other grasses some. Rain coming tomorrow evening! It’s only going to be 30-40 bales and...
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    Productive cow!

    I’ve posted pics of this cow and her calf from last year. I bought her as a bred heifer a few years ago so it’s nothing I’ve done or bred for. She has maintained a 360 calving interval Thru 4 calves and her calves are good! I’m not sure how her longevity will be, but maybe she’ll keep on putting...
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    Optimal weaning weight?

    So what would you guys consider optimal weaning weights on your steers? I know this can vary, but in a normal year what would you expect and at what age? And where would you draw the line for poor production, performance?