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  1. Dsth

    final walk for dog with cancer

    this article brings a tear to my eye every time I read it.
  2. Dsth

    would you step in to help this mom

    this was at a Little Caesars restaurant in Georgia. no info on what started the confrontation.
  3. Dsth

    taxpayers pay $284,000 per immigrant family to stay in hotels

    my tax dollars at work.
  4. Dsth

    refreshing AI techniques each year.

    I had my AI tech breed a virgin heifer for me last year that I could not get trough the cervix. He stated that when it is not uncommon for beef farmers to loose their techniques between breeding seasons; unlike dairy farmers that breed all year long. I never really gave it much thought until he...
  5. Dsth

    calves robbing from cows that didn't calf yet

    Wondering if others are having this problem. I synchronize my cows so they hopefully calf in groups. my first group started calving almost 2 weeks early this year which isn't unusual. also not unusual for later cows in first group to be later that early cows in second group (I sync on 3 week...
  6. Dsth

    start of my calving season

    first group of 9 cows are due Dec. 13th - 15th. first one calved on Dec. 4th with no problem. second one had a set of twins B & H; of course she only want one so back to bottle feeding. third had to pull a backwards calf but mom and baby doing OK after a little mouth to nostril CPR to get calf...
  7. Dsth

    wood floor in stock trailer

    I am planning on buying a new stock trailer with a wooden floor. One local dealer has the floor running front to back. The other uses tongue and groove running side to side. I have read online reviews stating that lumber running front to rear can become super slick once it gets wet but have not...
  8. Dsth

    1/4 cc straws

    My AI supplier dropped off my semen for next springs breeding yesterday. He called and said all the semen is now in 1/4 cc straws instead of the 1/2 cc straws that I have used since starting AI. he left a new gun and said some people struggle with the new straws. Wondering if you have used the...
  9. Dsth

    ultra sound and twins

    this was my first year to preg check using ultra sound. had two cows confirmed out of sixteen with twins. the vet said one had two good fetuses growing and both looked to be a good pregnancy for both calves. She was due December 14 and I watched her as close as I could since she had lost a set...