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    Liquid feed

    How much are you paying per ton of liquid feed. I am going to need to supplement the feed for my cattle. My pastures are burning up but about 18 inches to 24 inches tall. Mostly coastal with some Bahia grass mixed in to it. I culled hard in December and January due to health.
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    leased my place

    Sold most of my cattle and leased my place to a young man. Wife wants to travel this year, so booked a river cruise. I am 70+ and she is a few years younger. i am not to excited about a three month cruise but she deserves it. Still looking for a place in Idaho or Oregon to give to one of my...
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    Notre Dame

    I took a quick trip this weekend to South Bend Indiana to watch Notre Dame play Navy. My dad attended the Naval Academy. I wanted to go to Notre Dame but Uncle Sam had other plans for me. It is a beautiful campus. Lots of dark beer and friendly people.
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    Texas A&M

    Hey TB, congrats to the Aggies. That was an epic win. They are rolling again this week. Yeah I am jealous. Flying up to southbend next week to watch Notre Dame. Stay safe and in good health. Oh and I miss your wisdom on the Cattle Boards.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Changed oil and filters , then decided to change hydraulic fluid. 11 gallons of kubota fluid 2 filters $330.00. Yikes so i drained all the fluid ,put on new filters , pretty easy. Cranked it back up, and no hydraulics. Figgered an air block, ran it for few minutes no luck. Broke a few lines , no...
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    fertilize time

    Anyone fertilized yet. i am going to do it tomorrow.
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    dead calf

    lost a two month old calf today. Apparently it somehow got under the electric fence around one of the ponds and drowned. I have a double wire, guess i will lower it or add a third.
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    A relative called me and wanted some 7.62x 39, and 5.56 or .223. I said sure drop on by and i will get you some. While talking to him he stated how high ammo was right now, if you can find it. I had no idea. I have not kept up with it. fortunately I still have pallets of ammunition. Should have...
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    Myfirst set of twins this week. i was able to pen one up with an old longhorn mom still in milk and it seems to have worked. both bulls are pretty small.
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    piranha bucket bar

    Has anyone used a piranha bucket bar on their compact tractor. l have several areas of yaupon holly I need to clear.
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    stihl chaisaw

    i cant keep these two stihl chaisaws running.A ms310, and a ms210c. they start then bog down and will not restart. Hopefully Jtrent will see this and give me some help or even if they are worth fooling withi
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    loss of power

    my 2004 kubota bogs down going uphill, darn near completely stalls. I changed the fuel filter and blew out the air filter. No positive effect. Added seafoam and running it thru. Any other thoughts on the problem/ cure.
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    new F250 4x4, maybe

    i need a new truck. I haven't bought myself a new truck since 2006. I am going to keep my duramax so this will be a gasser. I haven't bought a ford in thirty years. I need a lot of pro and cons. thanks in advance. Bill
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    grasshoppers have moved in, guess its time to breakout the sprayer.
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    Heading to New Mexico this morning. Going to spend a week or so in our cabin. New Mexico is still shut dow but thats perfect for us. Although I will miss the horse races.Everyone stay safe.
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    new truck

    my 2006 silverado duramax is starting to wear out. i replaced ball joints, pitman arms, steering box, tie rods. then the power steering pump went out. i was puliing a hopper with three tons of 24,6,12 fertilixzer and went to stop. no brakes and couldn't turn in to driveway. Replaced with a new...
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    qlf liquid feedvs purina AR 10

    My QLF distributor is no longer in business. local feed store sell Purina AR 10, which is 30 percent protein with ten percent fat. Wondering if anybody uses the purina product.I have cows calving and three new calves on the ground. thanks Bill
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    07 2500 ram

    my granddaughters truck is acting strange. I am in New Mexico, so i cant physically check it out. She says when she stops lets off the brake it revs slightly and moves forward. it does it a couple of times each time she stops. Any ideas. thanks
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    6.7 ford diesel

    thinking of buying a 2012 6.7. any know problems . i will pull a trailer weekly, but mileage 40,000 per year.
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    fel hay spear

    anyone use a pin on bucket hay spear. what brand do you consider the best.