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    Do yourself a favor..

    And watch the documentary "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix... Ever find yourself wondering how did the world get so screwed up? Or maybe how did YouTube know I would like that video? What's wrong with our youth? Our country? People? Many answers await. I would say enjoy, but, it's not something...
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    So calving season is underway here and thankfully, we have had the mildest winter i can ever remember in Indiana. I have 4 Hereford first calvers. First 2 went off great. Had the 3rd in the barn last weekend in preparation for her calving. Went out first thing Sat am to check her (as she was...
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    Requesting thoughts from the Gun Gurus...

    So, the holidays are over and I still have a little bit of cash that the boss doesn't know about :secret: :D. I have been wanting to pick up something in 6.5 Creedmoor for a bit now and I think I have it narrowed down to a couple choices: (no particular order) 1. Tikka T3X CTR Bolt action 24"...
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    One of those days...

    Where everything is working out nicely. Wife was in a real pleasant mood before she left for work. Wood stove still had embers to stoke a new fire Checked weather: Sunny and 32 deg F. I will take it. Got on CT: Fence's post got deleted. Loaded up the old queen mattress to take to the...
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    Forbes article

    Forbes has recently posted a beef and dairy piece...
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    The Good Stuff

    My 8 yo daughter left me speechless and truly humbled..
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    Continuous fence first attempt

    Put up this continuous fence at my FIL farm around his barnyard area. Old fence was just about gone. Easy enough to work with for sure. Some mild topography changes but not real bad.
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    This guy is great!

    I could listen to him talk(and laugh) for hours. Very clever fellow too!
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    Watering at remote locations

    How do you water your cattle at isolated or remote locations? Especially if you have no electric. I have 3 shallow wells blown in and use a gas powered pump to fill tanks. Have small pond on one pasture that stays in water all year.
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    This guy (James Schrader) cracks me up in these ads. He also does ads for William Painter sunglasses. I usually skip ads on youtube, but find myself watching his all the way through.
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    Some late spring pics

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    XP-820 ear tags

    Anyone have any experience with these tags? New chemical class. Was wondering how effective they have proven to be? On face flies particularly.
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    Sprayer project

    Picked up this little number for free. 360 gallon +/-. Tank still appears solid. Going to run the sprayer off a pto pump. Run a valve/strainer combo off the bottom, up into a TeeJet Direct O Valve and a TeeJet regulator/relief valve output to a Hamilton #20 boomless nozzle. Any advice or...
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    2019 Big 10 Wrestling Results

    Penn State dominates with 4 individual champions. Was shocked Minnesota's big man lost. He looked unbeatable all season. Iowa's Spencer Lee dropped another match to Northwestern's Rivera. Some outstanding wrestling all weekend. NCAAs should be fantastic this year.
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    Farm Fence Solutions or Callmefence

    Or any other fencing experts... I have been singing the praises of the gripple to anyone who will listen when, after a few conversations, my FIL stumbled upon this video while doing his research: I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
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    Continuous fence pricing

    What is continuous fence cost running in your area? Got quoted $85 for 6 bar 20' sections (min qty 20) Hardware .35 each (couplers/clamps) Can it be had for less?
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    Online Texas Hold 'em

    Anyone here play online poker for money? If so, which site or sites do you use and/or trust?
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    Music tames the savage calf?

    Spent all day yesterday sorting, moving and weaning cows and heifers. I have 25 heifers in the corral behind the barn; just pulled off the cows yesterday. Inside the barn, I have a radio that plays the local classic rock station (you know the type: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC, Zeppelin, etc)...
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    Trailer lights

    I have a gooseneck trailer for hauling hay. Installed a new connection plug and rewired the brakes a month or so ago. Everything worked fine for several uses. Last time I hooked it up, to haul a tractor home, the running lights blew the fuse in my pickup for the trailer running lights (15 amp...
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    never let your child out of your sight, or you will be arrested

    Triple d, Youre a slow learner my friend. Youre post was informative reading, right up until the last line. Perhaps you can edit it before the flag is waved....and mod 2 gets involved.