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    New Holland Pocket knife

    I have one still in the tube and bubble wrap it was mailed in.

    Weed identification

    Top one is Verbena or sometimes called Blue Vervane . It can get bad if not controlled. Seems to choke out everything around it. It took me a while to identify it. Has not come back yet where I used fertilizer with Grazon mixed in.

    CCM Drum Mower Height Adjustment

    I would recommend the donuts. I have learned that cutting around 4 inch stubble height means much better regrowth. I have risers on my disc mower to keep it up. Clears rocks better and blades last much longer.

    Best baler for 4x5 bales?

    There are not as many Kuhn balers out there but mine has been almost flawless for 6500 bales. Very tight bales in wet or dry hay. Dealers for them can be scarce but they are built very heavy and should last. I'm retiring and going to sell mine. I expect to get 20k for it as it is now.

    Baler brand?

    I have a Kuhn baler that has baled about 6000 rolls so far. These balers are not as well known but are one of the best out there for high moisture hay. I do custom wrapping and have seen what most balers will do. For dry hay Vermeer,NH and JD are all good machines but give more problems with wet...

    Wheat and austrian peas for hay

    Would be a great combo for baleage with wheat or triticale if wrapping is an option for you.

    Drum mowers

    I ran the Reese drum mowers for several years. Yes they would be heavy for a 35 hp tractor but they are almost impossible to wear out. We had the tedder attachment on them and almost never had to use the other tedder. The Reese mowers are easily adjustable for stubble height. One bolt for inside...

    Ford 6640 Dash display problems

    The circuit boards in those clusters are bad to give problems. My 7740 hour meter has not worked for the 10 years I have owned it. I sometimes slap the dash to get tach and fuel to work . Someone who works on circuit boards could possibly repair it

    Which solar charger?

    I have had good luck with 12v charger. Parmark is a good one. 5 watt cheap solar panel and any 12v battery that will hold charge. I have swapped out completely dead batterys for cores that still had decent charge for free at local parts store. I have used everything from lawn mower battery to...

    Let's buy a tractor.

    I would suggest going up a notch in frame size. In the past week I have been on a JD 5100m and Kubota M5-111 and neither compares in weight or ride to my JD 6105E. Granted I handle a lot of green bales wrapping them for customers and I need the extra weight. Mine also has radial tires that make...


    I put out fertilizer impregnated with Grazon Next June 1st in a effort to knock them back. I haven't looked it over good since then but will have a good idea when I cut it again. I ran out leaving a small strip so will have a good comparison.

    Trailer Brakes

    Ground wires cause more problems with trailer lights and brakes than anything. Make sure everything is grounded well.

    Sorghum Sudan and a bush hog.

    Cut it at about 40",bale smaller bales, wrap, cut again in about 30 days, repeat. Will make high quality feed.

    Cultipacker for Planting Cover Crops?

    I have used a 10' disc set lightly with a 10' drop seeder hooked behind it with a 12' cultipacker hooked behind that. My poor mans no till rig.

    Stubble and Regrowth

    I have 4" skids on my disc mower so it leaves higher stubble and gets quicker regrowth. Cutting too close will kill a lot of grasses.

    Sudan grass aphid problems

    Hard to control them. Spraying might be an option. I'm a little north of you in Tn and most have given up on the sudan hybrids. Can get one cutting before they hit and thats about it.

    No till drill

    I have pulled a 10' disc lightly, cultipacker,dropseeder(ez flow)second cultipacker all in one train. Poor mans no till rig. Ground should be grazed or cut close and baled for good germination.

    Wrapping dry hay

    No experience wrapping dry hay but have been told to wrap the same as wetter hay just for protection. That is using white plastic.

    Kubota Round Baler Info

    I have about 4000 bales through my Kuhn about half green hay for wrapping. It is a very well built machine but resale or trade in value will not be good because there are just not many of them out there and not as well known as the more common brands. Kubota and Kuhn are similar in design but...

    In line wrapper.

    Clean it good with wd40 then wash. Give it a light sanding and spray paint with ez slide graphite paint. It is available here at tractor supply.