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  1. warpaint

    Historical Land

    One of the paths of the Trail of Tears goes thru a corner of my place.
  2. warpaint

    Our smallest calf ever

    all mine are born around 35 to 40 lbs. but grow quickly. But then I do raise the evil cattle. LOl
  3. warpaint

    My little girl

    Congrats, may they live as long as they want, but never want as long as they live.
  4. warpaint

    Not Pets? Maybe. But then what?

    Call my cattle pets if you want. Every cow I have on the place will eat from my hand. They are done this way from birth. It makes them much easier to handle when the time comes for vaccinations, moving from one pasture to another, etc.
  5. warpaint

    ISIS What to do

    Lost me in the first 4 words. Politicians are just that, political. No other reason for them to open their mouths.
  6. warpaint


    Im not as think as you drunk I am, hic. :deadhorse:
  7. warpaint

    Panera Bread - NO GUNS ALLOWED

    That Panera makes a dam good sammich, but as with others, the only way they will ever take my weapon is to pry it out of my cold dead hand.
  8. warpaint

    Attn: Moderator(s)

  9. warpaint

    Word of the Day thread

    all I can say is wow. this place has come a long way
  10. warpaint

    Speaking of tattoos

    no boogie, im in fine shape, I thunked.
  11. warpaint

    Pictures - Summer 2014

    nice looking place aaron. congrats
  12. warpaint

    Some pics of sky's - Feel free to show off your place

    is her name butty by any chance?? great lookin place
  13. warpaint

    Speaking of tattoos

    I only have the one. right arm, my brand. told the wife, befor u brand my cattle, ill brand me.
  14. warpaint

    Really should..............

    Hoss, me brudder has several irons in the fire. :deadhorse:
  15. warpaint

    Really should..............

    Uhoh, whats me lil brudder been tellin ya'll?? I aint been incarcerated nor has one of Crowders big arse womens sat on me. Many thanks for the warm welcome back. WTF is Beefy??
  16. warpaint

    Really should..............

    Ty Ty.
  17. warpaint

    Really should..............

    come in more often. seems like its been years since I was here last.
  18. warpaint

    A few pics from my place

    Great spot, Big.
  19. warpaint

    Unkle Crowder Reporting for Duty!

    "Ill drink to that." But then I'll drink to just about anything!!
  20. warpaint

    Quit Smoking

    I gave em up over 2 years ago. I cant say I've lost the urge, I still think about them at least once a day, but so far so good. As to the smell, I never realized just how much they stank. But folks always said, there is nothing like a reformed addict to holler the loudest about quitting. Good...