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  1. TheBullLady

    Draxxin or Nyflor?

    I have a heifer that just got here (Texas) from Iowa last night, and this morning she has a cough and a runny nose. Eating, and otherwise looks okay, but I'm sure it's shipping fever. What is your drug of choice for this? I have Draxxin, Nyflor, Baytril and Micotil available. Thanks for...
  2. TheBullLady

    Slutty Heifer

    I'm pretty sure one of my show heifers snuck out and got in with the bull. She's nine months old, and there's a possibility she could be 3 months bred. What is the dosage for aborting her with Lutalyse please? Honestly.. the cows I can't get bred, but the one heifer I keep does. :?
  3. TheBullLady

    Feeding a Nurse Cow

    I have a 3 year old Jersey cross cow I'm using for a nurse cow. She's had one older (6 week calf) and now has a younger calf on her also. What would be a good diet for her? I'm feeding her twice a day. I have 12% sweet feed, 20% range cubes, cotton hull / seed feed (high energy) and a plain...
  4. TheBullLady

    Simmental Heifer

    This is an early spring Simmental heifer we showed this year at a couple of the Texas shows. Opinions? [img][img]
  5. TheBullLady

    Lone Star Revue

    For anyone looking for some good, mostly black Simmental and SimAngus genetics, the Lone Star Revue sale is coming up April 3rd. Some great lots... if you're looking for a nifty show heifer, dog gentle, please check out Lot 19. I'm also consigning a flush out of a stout JS cow I bought a...
  6. TheBullLady

    Dodge Cummins Problem

    I have a 2004 1 ton that won't start in the cold. It's a fuel problem, but can't figure it out. The dealer says it's the injectors, which I don't believe. There's a check valve type deal with a bell fitting on one end, next to the fuel tank, going to a rubber line connecting to the fuel...
  7. TheBullLady

    Diesel vs. Gas

    We stopped by a dealership this afternoon to "walk off" a big Christmas dinner.. :) , and I was surprised to see on a Ford 3/4 ton, they are charging $7000K + for the option of a diesel engine over gas. So, this makes it actually worth more than that, as there would be a credit involved for...
  8. TheBullLady


    For those of you who are not "technically challenged" such as myself, can you please tell me the general difference between a "netbook" and a laptop? I'm trying to decide which is better for my 76 year old mother... and I may even spring for a new one myself. Every time I have to replace a...
  9. TheBullLady

    Simbrah Heifers

    I finally had a chance to take pictures of three Simbrah heifers (actually percentage.. they are 1/2 x 1/2's) I'm going to see if I can sell. Let me know what you think! They are 10 - 12 months of age.
  10. TheBullLady


    Just read that Fiat is planning on "phasing out" Dodge as we know it, and start introducing small cars they have been selling successfully in Europe instead. Yikes! Wonder what that means the future is going to be for the Dodge truck?? We have two, and I would be willing to bet that is the...
  11. TheBullLady


    Think this will be a contender?! She's barely 10 days old, but thought I'd post her up (since I got a decent picture of her) and see what y'all thought about her. She's a Simmental. (I'm a sucker for "chrome")
  12. TheBullLady


    Does anyone from Texas know of someone in the central Texas area that does dehorning? On Brahman influenced cattle? A friend that I sold a ranch to a few years back has Brahman cows running with Hereford bulls. He's trying to keep some of the good heifers to sell in a special sale, but the...
  13. TheBullLady

    Bank Closing - What to do?

    A question for you financially savvy folks! My mom called today and said she heard on the news that the bank she has her CD's in is "going under".. or going out of business, or some such. (I didn't hear it) She's all panicked now, and asked me if she should run over there tomorrow and take...
  14. TheBullLady

    Triple C

    For those of you that have interest in Simmental cattle, the owner of Triple C Simmentals in Wisconsin died unexpectedly a month or so ago, and they've just announced they're going to totally disperse the herd. The sale in October 3rd, and they're selling 400 head. They are a highly respected...
  15. TheBullLady

    Clubby Bulls - You have to see this! You have to check this out.. for those of you that don't think fitting has any difference in the animal you see!
  16. TheBullLady

    Not Again!

    On the world news tonight there was another piece about cattle, how horribly they are being raised, how dirty they (and their meat) is... yada yada yada. Said Obama is making "animal welfare" a big part of his focus this year. I'd like to know how he's got time for that, with Iran and North...
  17. TheBullLady

    Bull Opinions

    Ok.. I'm feeling lucky this evening! Just went out and took pictures of this Simmental bull, would like your opinions please! He just turned one year old five days ago.
  18. TheBullLady

    Question about Hay

    I was driving past a large stocker cattle operation this afternoon, and noticed they had just cut hay in one of the large "traps" they put newly purchased cattle in. Over the years I've seen plenty of sick and dead calves in that trap, and wondered if by baling the hay, is there a chance that...
  19. TheBullLady

    Brahman Sale

    This coming Saturday, Diamond A Brahmans is dispersing their Brahman cattle herd at the Caldwell auction barn. For ANYONE wanting to add some Brahman cattle to their herd, you should go to this sale! Mr. Armstrong has been breeding good meaty Brahman cattle for many years, and I'm going to bet...
  20. TheBullLady


    Went to a registered sale last Saturday, and they were about half the price of the same sale last year! The high selling lot last year was over $10K, this year $4500. Really good bred heifers were going for $1200 to $1400 average. Pretty sorry if you were selling.. good if you could afford to...