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  1. Ellie May

    Arena Help?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I've got a 3 yr. old filly. That I'm teaching barrels to. She is pretty quick in the field and loves to run, but once i hit the arena she plants her feet. You can barely get her to walk. Once I get her moving at a walk or trot she goes but...
  2. Ellie May


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good transportation company? I have a donkey & pony that someone wants to buy, but they live in California? I live in Tennessee. Any help? Thanks, Candice
  3. Ellie May

    Spanish Dress in Parades

    Howdy ya'll, I was wondering if anybody could tell me about the Spanish Dresses that I've seen on horse and riders. They have ruffles or flowers and are very long, some go down to the hocks of the horses. I've seen pictures and looked all over the internet but I can't find where I could buy one...
  4. Ellie May


    Howdy ya'll, I'm graduating High School this spring and then starting college. I'm thinking about being a vet. I know it's ove r 8 yrs. of schooling and I've heard that it's tough competion in becoming a vet. b/c alot more people are doing that profession. If I didn't become a vet. I'd still...
  5. Ellie May

    Bred Black Baldie Heifers-Price??

    Howdy, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was wondering what a bred or not bred black baldie heifer (dam was hereford/sire was angus-both fullblooded) would bring at a sale and if sold from a breeder. Say they are b/t 600 and 1,000 pounds. I'm located in Middle Tennessee. If anyone...
  6. Ellie May

    Selling a Bull!

    Howdy, We have a Black Angus bull that we are going to have to sell. What is the best way to sell him? I don't want to just sell him through the stockyards. and what does a fullblood black angus cost around? He doesn't have papers but is fullblood. He's about 3 or 4 years old. we've bred him to...
  7. Ellie May

    Breaking a Pair of Ponies to a wagon.

    Howdy, I'm starting a pair of lil' ol' paint ponies to pull a wagon. They've gotten use to the bit and rigging. What's the next step? I know there is a long process to it. I've never broke a pony to cart but my father and grandfather have been around horses all their lives. They are about 2...
  8. Ellie May

    Cattle and Goats!

    Howdy, Just wondering if anybody out there besides us raises goats not just cattle. I've heard that cattle and goats (sheep too) graze well together because goats eat one thing and cattle eat one thing so they tend to clean up the place well and fertize well but parasites are harder to control...
  9. Ellie May

    Big cow, small calves!

    Howdy ya'll! I have another question that that I've yet get answered. We have a real nice cow. We raised her off of our own cow and bull (that we sold). We kept her b/c we thought she would be a good breeder. She's gotta be at least 900 to 1100 pounds and as tall if not taller then our bulls...
  10. Ellie May

    Problem during winter (Hereford vs. Angus)!

    Howdy Ya'll! I'm not trying to start anything just stating facts. So far (I don't want to blame it on Angus) but maybe it's just the genetics. We've raised Herefords forever it seems like they've went through the family and everything but we recently bought an angus bull last year to put w/ some...
  11. Ellie May

    Christmas Funnies! it's kinda late but they are still funny

    CHRISTMAS FUNNIES Santa is watching, please don’t do anything to embarrass him. Christmas spirit is a mysterious force that causes people to max out their credit cards. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas - so wake me up if I start shoveling the driveway. I believe in Santa Claus, but Santa...
  12. Ellie May


    Redundancy Department of Redundancy :lol: Ellie May
  13. Ellie May

    Avatar Question??

    Howdy, I'm having problems w/ my avatar thingy. When I make my picture 80x80 it has to much kb. So when I make the kb smaller then 6 it is microscopic. Any help? I want to be able to see my picture? Thank you! Ellie May
  14. Ellie May

    Check this out!

    Hey Ya'll! I know it's kinda late since Christmas was yesterday but check this out!
  15. Ellie May


    Howdy, I have a similar question compared to Jake the only thing is. What would you reccomend for a 16 girl to drive? I'm looking toward a Doge or Chevy, maybe Ford. I'm not much on brands as long as its Markin' (American). Lookin' for any imput. Ellie May
  16. Ellie May

    Just thought I'd Share!

    Howdy Ya'll, 1st off I know it's been a while since I've been on here but I just had to share. We had not one but 2 surprises on December 15th. That's right we had twin calves. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Just tryin' to spread holiday cheer. Ellie May P.S. You...
  17. Ellie May

    Sexes of Ponies??

    Howdy, OK I know that I've heard the answer to this question before probably, but I'm gonna ask anyways because I can't remember. Ok who's job is it to determine the sex of a pony, the mare or stud? And is there anyway to make it where you would have the one you want without having to do...
  18. Ellie May


    Howdy, I have just made a website. I was wondering if you guys/gals had a sec. to tell me what you think of it. Thank you, Ellie May
  19. Ellie May


    Howdy, I was wondering if anybody could help me. When I get on my horse I put the reins & in one hand and hold on to the horn put one foot in the sturrip but as soone as I put my foot in the sturrip no matter how fast I get on my horse takes off. I'm use to it now but sometimes I want to just...
  20. Ellie May

    Hey look at this!!!

    Howdy, Look at this. I hope the pictures come up: Ellie May