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    Which Breed are These Cows?

    Speckle Park?
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    You did not ask whether you should feed or sell, so I am not sure why you are getting so much advice in that area. That would be a more complicated question that would depend on many factors. It seems to me that the people who recommend selling have made a number of assumptions that may or may...
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    New to cattle ranching. So excited!

    Welcome to Oregon. I wish you the best. :) You most likely already realize this, since you are already running a successful equine business, but the people assisting you with the start of your new cattle business are also in it to make money. Many will have their own interests in mind and may...
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    AI vs Natural Service

    Most AI bulls go from the hot new stud to forgotten has-been before their daughters raise their second calf. That is my biggest problem with AI bulls nowadays. I like a well proven AI bull. One with enough offspring to have data reported from multiple parties and not just the partners with a...
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    Thank you Wbvs58 for expanding on the BVD risk. I personally think it is a good idea to test every new cow you introduce into your herd, because you usually can't tell one is PI. It only costs a few dollars and could avoid the heartache of cows aborting, or creating more PI calves. Even a...
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    Since you don't know where it came from or any health history on that herd, I would at least take an ear notch and have it tested. You don't want to put a PI calf in with your cattle and infect the whole herd with BVD. Many PI calves fail to thrive and are more susceptible to sickness. That...
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    Calf poop

    That poop looks normal to me. I could not see any blood, but the pictures were pretty small. The first poop, passed shortly after birth, will be tarry and dark brown. After that, poop varies depending on what they are eating. The picture taken by MurraysMutts is an example of a young calf...
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    Keeping a twin heifer for a replacement

    Interesting question. I may need to look back over my records. I have records on calf crops that go back about 25+ years and I think most ended up close to 50/50 bull to heifer. I would often start out heavy in one direction or the other, but it was usually fairly even in the end. My...
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    Keeping a twin heifer for a replacement

    If you are growing your herd and like that heifer, I would not be afraid to keep her. While some cows will twin more often than others, most of the time it's just a one-time thing. I have only once had a cow who was a twin give birth to twins herself. I must admit I have not kept many twins...
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    Lucky again

    I like to keep twins and their mom in a small area for the first few weeks. Once the calves are old enough to join up with the others in the calf group I call the "nursery", I let them back in with the herd. The twins will usually stick together after that, and when the cow calls or returns...
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    Spooked Calf

    We have had that happen more than once. We try to avoid going anywhere close to a lone calf, during that brief time between when they are newly born and still catch-able and when they join with the other calves in what I call the "calf nursery". Startling a calf who is hiding all alone without...
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    Bought a bull, sight unseen

    Another thought. I notice that your bulls sire has earned the CAB logo on his pedigree and his dam would have likely qualified too if she had more EPD accuracy. I bet getting him tested would earn him that logo too. If you get him tested, I'd enjoy seeing the results.
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    Bought a bull, sight unseen

    I like the looks of your young bull and I would use him on heifers with confidence. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't keep a heifer I thought might have trouble calving to the average Angus bull. I consider a calving ease (CE) EPD of 9 to be very good. It puts him in the top 30% of the Angus...
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    Did I get a Hereford Visit

    Personally, I agree with culling her now. She is in excellent shape and the market for cull cows has been good. Udder and attitude not great would make it an easy decision here. Years ago when I was expanding my herd I kept every old cow that produced a calf. Now, if I want to keep any...
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    Gravel driveway/loadout area

    I would consider the fabric essential. I just bought another roll of fabric today. $536 for a 432 foot long roll 12.5 feet wide. Just a little over 10 cents a square foot. We are building a trail and planning to replace an old fence to add another 100 acres of grazing up at a higher...
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    Angus Udder Scoring EPD

    I have been asking about that one for some time. Perhaps they are not getting enough data. I have turned in numbers on my commercial Registered Angus cows for several years. They are receiving 40+ numbers from me anyway. Udder quality of a bulls daughters was a trait that was evaluated in...
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    Favorite Anti Backup design?

    I have one that hung on the top and another with a gate that slid down from the top when you pulled a rope. Both had disadvantages and we always also kept a selection of 4 inch round posts leaning along the alley. We found ourselves using them more than the expensive equipment. Both of those...
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    When to breed? - sexed semen on natural heat.

    Thank you all for you comments and suggestions. Yesterday was a busy day. We put CIDR's in the rest of the AI cows and got everyone sorted back to the proper pastures to wait the arrival of bulls. We went ahead and bred that cow at a little after 7PM. My technician brought his wife along...
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    When to breed? - sexed semen on natural heat.

    We were getting ready to synchronize a group of cows, a few of which I hoped to breed with sexed semen. When we went to gather and sort yesterday about 11AM, I saw one of them was coming in heat. By noon she was standing. I called my AI technician and we bred her early this morning with sexed...
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    Is there a correlation between stillborn calves and a selenium deficiency in the cow.

    The mineral I use was specifically designed for this area by my Veterinarian. It has 105 ppm selenium. Se has a narrow range of tolerance. Too little can cause the conditions listed above, but too much can also cause problems or even kill an animal. You need to know what the selenium is in...