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    Liquid Feed Results

    Whats the name of the software you are using?
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    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

    Ended up buying one about 2 hours away from a JD dealer. Was able to go inspect, drive, and they offered me a “warranty” should anything major happen within a couple of months.
  3. J

    Trenching with Subsoiler

    I used a 90 HP FWD and a homemade subsoiler. I also used 3/4” PVC. It was cheaper than the black poly at the time.
  4. J

    Trenching with Subsoiler

    I put in around 1700’ with a subsoiler a few years back. 46HP is gonna be the limiting factor. Pull it once as deep as you can. Then pull it the second time as deep as you can. When you’re satisfied with the depth, attach the pipe (with a cap on it) to the bottom of the shank with really stout...
  5. J

    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

    Got one more to look at that’s closer by. Hopefully tomorrow. Then I’m gonna pick between the two.
  6. J

    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

    Special thanks to Littlejohn. He stopped by there and smoked her over for me. I told him on the phone how much I appreciated his time and help but words can’t adequately express how it makes me feel to know that someone that doesn’t even know me would take the time to do that. I hope I can do...
  7. J

    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

    It’s a JLG with a Deere engine. Was told to stay away from the Cummins engines in the Telehandlers. Which surprises me bc I’ve always thought Cummins’ were pretty much the cream of the crop.
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    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

  9. J

    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

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    Brangus / Hereford Cross

    My personal favorite cross for all the reasons mentioned above. And I’ve crossed just about everything at least once over the years.
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    Anyone near Bardstown, KY

    Looking at a piece of equipment in Bardstown, KY. Trying to find someone close by that can give it a quick look over and make sure it has no water in the oil, runs good, hydraulic pump works, etc. Willing to pay for their time. Not looking for something for nothing just trying to save an 8 hour...
  12. J

    Hydraulics issue

    Yes. It’s something to do with the way the system works on the tractor I think. New filters, fluids, etc on regular basis and levels are good.
  13. J

    Real Handy on the farm

    Front end loader for sure. Battery powered impact a close second.
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    Hydraulics issue

    Machinery in question: John Deere 5510 Older 12’ International harrow Tractor will raise and lower harrow but only if you work the hydraulic lever on the tractor very, very slowly. If you push or pull the lever too fast it will lock down the harrow. If you are raising the harrow and pull the...
  15. J

    Fall colors

    Cows look awesome as always. You do a good job.
  16. J

    Gravity running gear

    BF, I’d think it would be cheaper to rebuild or hunt a new running gear rather than tie up a good 16’ trailer. No?
  17. J

    Durable Hay Rack Tires ?

    I’m running 16 ply tires on my in-line hay trailer and my stock trailer. Has completely eliminated blow outs and broken belts for the last several years. Hard to swallow the costs (about $175/ea) but down time costs more.
  18. J

    Pay for farm help

    Easily worth $50/trip IMO to have someone you can depend on, and I’m assuming he fits the bill regarding that.
  19. J

    Air Compressor won’t stay running

    Spark plug solved the problem. Guess I didn’t think of it because it was running smooth most of the time but only for 5-8 seconds. I thought it was starving for fuel. But it was the plug. Experience I won’t forget so I’ll know next time! Thanks to all of you for your help.
  20. J

    Do yourself a favor..

    Glad to see you back around Brad. Will have to check out the documentary.