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    2023 Cow Crystal Ball

    Have you looked at the price of pork or chicken in a grocery store lately...they're not a cheap date either.
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    To introduce a different breed're still making a profit on this customer??? I figured by now you would have set yourself up as a non-profit organization.
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    Big runs at Texas sale barns

    Yes, and generally you have to listen to a lot of BS from the your filter needs to be very clean
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    Big runs at Texas sale barns

    Yes they are...I saw a few loads of 500lb calves for delivery in Feb/Mar 23 north of $250/hwt...good deal if you can sell and deliver...IMO
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    Big runs at Texas sale barns

    I ran across this sale from superior going on this week...lots of these are for future delivery...but I can't see how they can complain about the prices on these calves....
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    Farm sanctuary won't give up two cows that wondered on their property back to the rightful owner.

    This kind of stuff just solidifies in my mind that people just don't suffer enough hardship in their lives any more. That and these so called "intellectuals" really do need some old school discipline sent their way.... or ... maybe I'm just and old fart that has an actual moral compass
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    per something in Silvers airplane thread - what folklore "signs" of rain do you know?

    Maybe they have worms and it's going to rain soon?
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    per something in Silvers airplane thread - what folklore "signs" of rain do you know?

    If your dog is eating grass the rain is on its way
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    Daily Chuckle

    Alternative meanings? 1. ARBITRAITOR - A cook that leaves Arby's to work at McDonald's. 2. BERNADETTE - The act of torching a mortgage 3. BURGLARIZE - What a crook sees through. 4. AVOIDABLE - What a bullfighter tries to do. 5. COUNTERFEITER - Workers who...
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    Bad breath

    If you treated for pneumonia, there might be something to this, something not right in her lungs. Since no bad/missing teeth or obvious mouth or throat issues. Then again, she could be like a dog and test those piles...
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    IH 966 value

    This kind of stuff really pisses me off. I don't give a damn about your age or gender or anything else, what I do care about is your honor. The old man, regardless of his age, knows this and maybe the kid does or doesn't, and I for sure don't know all the details as I'm only getting your info...
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    IH 966 value

    You made a deal with somebody that is hopefully the owner...whatever the 3rd party states means nothing in my world, and hopefully the owner's world. Real simple to me, here is my bill for the roof, and since son can make up whatever he wants after the fact, so can you. So, whatever son's...
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    Udder/teat sanitation

    mild soap and water...give it a minute or so after washing, it will stimulate them "letting their milk down"...if you're really worried about it buy some teat dip, which is/was a mild iodine and dip it after you milk...but I'm not sure that's necessary...
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    Freezer beef costs

    You might not be seeing the real motivation of the buyers going the route of 1/2 or 1/4 of beef with a custom processor. It's not so much the price as it is the product. They know it's not processed in a giant plant via assembly line with who knows what to process outside of the steel knives...
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    1ton vs 3/4ton truck shopping

    Right, except the first words out of their mouths if you don't have a service contract or are out of warranty is "Diagnosis Fee"....and to me it's a bull crap fee that they use to guarantee something coming out of your pocket...they say it pays for the computers and the tech needs to be paid for...
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    Feeding Soybeans to calves

    Did it loosen up their manure? It usually will...and it will be really loose if you're feeding too much
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    Sale barn/ring injury stories.

    My post above isn't an indictment of our youth or young is just an indictment of our current situation...basically the dollar about halving in the last 3 years...
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    Sale barn/ring injury stories.

    So...I have a question for the posters that posted in the last couple days...think back to when that imagine today trying to hire somebody for those food joints paying $18 or $20 per hour...imagine the applicants the sales barns luck
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    1ton vs 3/4ton truck shopping

    The only way I would even consider an "extended warranty" is if it's from the manufacturer. Most of the dealers sell a 3rd party service contract that they pump up as the best because of whatever reason they can make up, but in the end the only thing they're better at is increasing the dealers...
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    Show me your herd!

    You're doing it wrong!!! Ready and able meets unwilling.