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  1. cypressfarms


    My daughter and son in law are building a house. The materials are 40% higher than they were one year ago. Jeez!
  2. cypressfarms

    New Arrivals

    Looking good CB. Throw a angus bull on them, and you’ve got some great calves!
  3. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    Thanks for the reply JL. You seem to be a stihl guy, no problem with that. $600 is a lot for me to justify on a chainsaw, given the sporadic way I use them. I won’t be purchasing another, this will be my go to. Perhaps a shorter bar for the Husky to make it lighter/easier to limb.
  4. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    I finally got to test the Husky Rancher 460 this weekend cutting some red oak trees for firewood. I have to say, that thing is a beast. Cut everything I asked of it and more. I’m definitely buying an 18” bar to complement the 24”. After 4 hours cutting, I was wore out! Gotta think it’ll be...
  5. cypressfarms

    Culling by age?

    I guess there’s no one “right” way, but I reviewed my notes on cows for the last 25 years between my herd and my dads. Running commercial Brangus we would have come out a lot better culling around the 10-12 year mark. The key would have been to sell them bred or with a young calf at their side...
  6. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    You’re right Dave. After years of 30 something cc Poulans, the 60cc Husky definitely caught my attention. I’ll get used to it; might be better not to lose a leg until I do 🤣🤣
  7. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    Jltrent, this local Husky guy said that using used motor oil was never a good idea, like you said. He told me that on the Huskies, the bar oil is designed to actually heat up (thin some) and flow through the oiler better. I’m not experienced enough to know, but that seems very practical. I’m...
  8. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    Update on my new Husky Rancher 460... Filled it up with bar oil and gas, put 24” bar and chain on. Heard rumors about Husky’s being hard to start. 2nd pull she popped. Pushed choke in and on third pull she was running. Idled perfect after touching the throttle. Let it idle awhile to break in...
  9. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    I did a ton of research before buying. Everything I read said that Stihl and Husky are about the same quality wise, but stihls were harder to get parts for. I did my background checking before spending $600 on a saw. I don’t use a chainsaw enough to justify spending what “commercial” saws cost..
  10. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    I've wondered about "idle until it's dry". Makes sense. All small engines I have, I use super unleaded. Ethanol destroys engines, IMO. I even use super unleaded in my lawnmower, lol
  11. cypressfarms

    Husqvarna chainsaw

    I broke down and finally bought a real chainsaw; a Husky 460 Rancher, with a 24" bar. Anyone have any opinions or experiences?
  12. cypressfarms

    Georgia run off today.................

    Please enlighten me as to what really happened Hurley
  13. cypressfarms

    Breaking Donkey's

    15 years ago, no one around my area kept donkeys with cows for protection. Coyote population got large, cattlemen started losing 4 to 5 calves each year to coyotes. Hearing that donkeys have a hatred for all canines, I bought a Jenny for $50 at a stockyard sale. She took to the herd naturally...
  14. cypressfarms

    I'm tired.

    WOW. I'd be tired too. I think you've done your neighborly duties for the decade, lol
  15. cypressfarms

    copperhead ate frog

    Copperheads are mean snakes. When I was 14, I got bit, then my best friend two weeks later by copperheads. I've seen rattlers and moccasins run if they have an escape route. I've also seen copperheads attack. Lucky (at least for me when I was 14), they're not very venomous.
  16. cypressfarms

    Little fellers

    The one big thing I miss about cattle are the calves! I love watching a bunch of small calves (maybe 1-3 month's old) playing; something naturally innocent and close to nature about it!
  17. cypressfarms

    what are you listening to right now

  18. cypressfarms

    Question for freezer beef sales

    I wish! The heat here doesn't start to break until October/November. Many times watching kids trick or treat sweating... :(
  19. cypressfarms

    Might Be

    Could you expand on this? No need to put names, to protect the innocent of course. He's a big boy. And standing under the feeder. Smart buck, I'm guessing 4-5?
  20. cypressfarms

    NFL Week 1

    I've had the fever for quite a while; been drafting fantasy football teams