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    I didn't want to derail the other thread, BUT!!! I want to reinforce something that BEZ said in it! Whenever someone posts about all their calves with their 50 pound birthweights, like they did in that other thread, I want to PUKE! :bang: :bang: :bang: C'mon folks, are you breeding...
  2. Herefords.US

    For You That Worship at the EPD Altar!

    Disclaimer: Before someone insinuates that a "Hereford Guy" is just taking a swipe at a competitive breed by posting this here, this is just as big a problem in the Hereford breed as well. We've got a bunch of Hereford breeders who are just "playing with numbers", with little regard for...
  3. Herefords.US

    Gardiner - Select Sires - GAR ANTICIPATION

    Repost from another thread: http://www.selectsiresbeef.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=114&id=279&breed=Angus Br sure and look at the video! Then tell me what you think?
  4. Herefords.US

    Hereford Heifers

    A Bakers Dozen - home raised spring yearlings to early fall coming yearlings: George
  5. Herefords.US

    Would You Buy Embryos Sired By A Confirmed Carrier?

    Breeders - Would you buy embryos that were sired by a confirmed carrier of a listed Breed Genetic Disorder? Like HY (hypotrichosis) in Herefords? George
  6. Herefords.US

    Didn't Like the Black Hereford? How 'Bout a Tiger Stripe?

    From the ad: Tigerstripe Commercial Bull Great value on a cross known for hybrid vigor! This tigerstripe bull is from the same breeder who had this Black Hereford bull for sale: Believe it or not, he sold him: "Sold to produce Black Baldies in Texas" George
  7. Herefords.US

    Pasture Pictures

    I managed to get up to the lease pasture late Saturday and took these: Hammer Heifer Same Heifer -Front view Another Hammer Daughter Same Heifer - Rear View I Think It's Time To Wean! Another Hammer Heifer on a Pure Gold cow New Hammer Bull Calf Out of a First Calf Heifer. He's the...
  8. Herefords.US

    Custom Farming Prices

    I have an opportunity to lease another place. The lease is higher than I've been paying for similar grass, but there is a 50 acre field in this lease. That's a little too big for me to handle with my 40 HP tractor, considering the distance as well, so I was wondering if anyone would know what...
  9. Herefords.US

    Hereford Bull To Critique

    Approximately 16 months old. Whata Ya' Think? George
  10. Herefords.US

    Prince Domino As A Yearling

    A picture I hadn't seen before. I just found it in a brochure that had been inserted into an old Stribling Sale catalog from 1941 that I had bought off of eBay years ago. Here's the accompanying write-up by Mr. Stribling: George
  11. Herefords.US

    Churchill Domino 028X

    I came across this Churchill calf that I like today. His sire has been discussed here at CT before. Here's a link to his information, with links to his EPDs and a video. http://www.churchillcattle.com/Churchill%20Domino%20028X.htm George
  12. Herefords.US

    Your Next Herd Bull?

    I found this Black Hereford Bull on a "breeder's" website - listed for sale. When I clicked on the picture I found that he was already sold! :help: :cry2: Alright, 'fess up! Which one of you was fortunate enough to have bought him for a breeding bull? :?: George
  13. Herefords.US

    Genetic Trends - Hereford

    Fall 2010 Genetic Trend Report: http://hereford.org/static/files/f10_Trend.pdf For the first time since 1976, in 2009, BW EPD went down from the previous year. All other EPD averages went up, including Fat. The most noteworthy thing to me was the huge reduction in numbers reported (count)...
  14. Herefords.US


    New ad on the AHA web-site! <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/SyoE3oztlKg&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  15. Herefords.US

    NJW 1Y Wrangler 19D

    I'm curious about other's thoughts on this bull. He has an impressive set of proven EPDs and phenotype. http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=232B21&2=232F50&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=5B5B5924252127212D&9=525C5F George
  16. Herefords.US

    Red Angus?

    I've been a fan of Tim Cox's art for about 30 years. This is a piece he's done for the Prix De West Art Show in OK City in June. Name: When Change Comes Slowly 24" X 36" Oil on Masonite $35,000 minimum bid George
  17. Herefords.US

    Blessed Easter!

    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/UbRPWUHM80M&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/UbRPWUHM80M&hl=en_US&fs=1&"...
  18. Herefords.US

    Creek Is An IE Carrier

    Here's one that sure surprised me - CSF 122L Creek 203R ET is now listed as IEC, as well as his highly touted donor dam, RB L1 Dominette 8063. http://www.herfnet.com/online/cgi-bin/i4.dll?1=232B21&2=2934&3=56&5=2B3C2B3C3A&6=5A5D5C255A20272F21&9=535F&11=5D5F5A&12=4342415F Creek was a bull that...
  19. Herefords.US

    Deer Stand in Alberta - Gotta Love Those Canadians!

    I quit deer hunting a few years ago. These pictures were sent to me by a good friend of mine, a retired wildlife biologist. If I had access to a set-up like this, I probably could be convinced to take the sport back up - at least with a camera! This is the way they do it in Alberta . How to...
  20. Herefords.US

    Black Herefords

    Did anyone, beside me, watch the J & N Ranch Sale yesterday? The ranch owner made an interesting speech at the beginning of the sale! Your thoughts on the comments he made? George