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  1. tlmcr

    Harland Son to critique

    Spring 2009 Harland Son out of a Boyd Z86 daughter. All comments welcome.
  2. tlmcr

    My turn

    This is my 5 year old herd bull to critque. We had just pulled him in off the cows to take for collection. He was on mixed hay all winter and kept fantastic condition. All opinions welcomed.
  3. tlmcr


    Found this when I returned home from a trip. The vet called her open when we preg checked the fall herd, but said she was really too close to call. Nice bull calf out of my herd sire.
  4. tlmcr

    M326 daughters

    These are 2 fall KCF Bennett M326 daughters, 1 is 2 weeks the other 1 week old. all comments welcome.
  5. tlmcr

    3 year old Hereford bull to critque

    I sold this bull as a 2 year old last summer. I took this picture as a three year old in his working clothes and I welcome all opinions.
  6. tlmcr

    3 year old LLL Timber son to critique

    http://cattletoday.com/photos/data/503/ ... _30_06.jpg[/img][/url]