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  1. Aero

    Aubrac Sale

    Who's planning on going to the Aubrac sale in 2 weeks or bidding on Superior? Lots 8 and 18 look pretty good to me.
  2. Aero

    seen dun?

    anybody know where dun's been for the last week? i sent him a pm and he uncharacteristically didnt reply. i see he hasnt posted anything since last friday (definitely out of character). did somebody piss him off? maybe he took a vacation.
  3. Aero

    Simmental Bulls

    what are people's thoughts the bull CNS Dream On? http://abs-bs.absglobal.com/beef/Simmen ... o=29SM0373 anybody have experience with his son, Remington Red Label? http://www.bovine-elite.com/simmepd.asp?ID=266
  4. Aero

    frost-bitten johnson grass

    we cut some johnson grass yesterday that was frost-bitten, brown and wilted. does anybody know of anything dangerous about using it for hay? it will be crappy hay, but better than none.
  5. Aero

    G A R Exaltation 3144

    can someone tell me why G A R Exaltation 3144 never took off? his numbers are pretty good and EXT sons are almost always good to look at. half+ brother G A R Expectation 4915 has 2700 progeny scans and Exaltation only has 59. why?
  6. Aero

    Southeast Retained Ownership

    does anybody know of any retained ownersip programs in the NC, SC, VA, GA area?
  7. Aero

    new $Values?

    i see 2 new $Values when i go to http://www.angussiresearch.com/ anybody heard of this?