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  1. Kelly

    Boarding horse in exchange for Ranch help

    I am in need of advise as to what is fair... I am boarding a horse for a girl in exchange for mainly just haltering & leading foals/weanlings (only 1 at this time), Haltering & lunging yearlings( 2 at this time), riding my mare & little odds & ends. What is a fair exchange? Her mare is on a very...
  2. Kelly

    Favorite 4 x 4 side by side

    We are looking for a 4 x 4 side by side and would like to know if anybody has a favorite? The one we looked at the other day ( Cub Cadet) was as huge as a car. I have an Artic Cat 4 wheeler now and from the day I bought it 6 years ago it has been a pain to start and keep running. I think a side...
  3. Kelly

    Urea safe for horse pastures & hay?

    We have priced fertilizer from a couple places. I am sure you all know how expensive it is. This is just mixed grass hay. ( Timothy, Orchard, Brome & ??) One place said we needed a ton of everything and priced at a fortune! This was from a soil sample a couple years back and we have spread...
  4. Kelly

    What is your average Shrink?

    How many pounds average do calves ( yearlings) lose due to shrink when trailered a couple hours and sent through a sale? What do you all do to prevent a big shrink loss?
  5. Kelly

    Best quality & safest dog foods?

    We have a dog that got really sick in December from dog food. I have been looking for a top quality food with NO junk or unsafe ingredients put in as fillers.... I was buying expensive food at the time and all natural but had to try to encourage him to eat with a little canned food mixed into...
  6. Kelly

    Leaking galvanized water tank

    I have a leak in the bottom seam of one of my galvanized water tanks that I need to fix. What is the best way to fix it and seal it to last in well below zero weather? I need to use this right away ...is there a quick way to seal it until I can fix it more permanantly? Any great ideas?
  7. Kelly

    Changing feed schedule?

    Is there any reason why I can't change my feeding schedule for my beef calves to feeding their grain 1 time a day instead of 2 times? They are all around 300 or so pounds and have free feed hay & water & minerals and also have the option of grazing in the fields. Also how many pounds each...
  8. Kelly

    Cough was gone but came back with a warm up in temps

    These early weaned , vaccinated calves I just got in November and have been treated for a cough with Penn. shot the day they came & I put them on Terra crumbles and switched to AS 700 after 10 days. The cough was gone in all of them except an occasional cough out of one. They are all eating well...
  9. Kelly


    What is the best bedding that you use for calves? Most affordable but provides a nice warm , dry enviornment for bedding down especially during cold and damp weather. It also has to be easy enough to clean out of the shelter. I am just looking for opinions on what you may use. Thanks
  10. Kelly

    Calves- majority have slight cough-Update now snotty noses

    I just had some calves delivered last night. They are early weaned calves that have been weaned a couple months and have been vaccinated with 8 way(mid Sept) and dewormed with Ivomec pour on.(October) I think the cough has just come on in the last couple of days because he said he gave them all...
  11. Kelly

    How to put up a low sugar/carb hay

    My fields are all mixed grass. Mostly Orchard/Timothy/Brome with clover depending on the year and which cutting. My question is how can we put up a real low sugar/carb hay? Is it in how it is cut & baled? Timing- maybe let get more mature? Or put up during dry spell or right after rain? Cloudy...
  12. Kelly

    Foot caught in a hot wire

    I had a hot wire blow down in the wind and of course one of my cows had to go and walk through it. It wrapped around right above her hoof and must have got stuck where it splits. It swelled up pretty big by the next day. I have been treating it with Blue coat & Catron to keep the flys off. The...
  13. Kelly

    Hyaluronic acid

    Has anyone tried the oral hyaluronic acid on your horse for joint problems or arthritis? If you have did you see any improvement & how long did it take to notice? Were there any side affects to it that you could see?
  14. Kelly

    High magnesium mineral

    How many of you use high magnesium mineral when putting your cattle out on new spring grass? I live in a town with very limited choices on feeds & mineral. I asked them to get me some high magnesium mineral in & they looked at me like I was crazy. They sell only one kind of mineral & one brand...
  15. Kelly


    I know this is a cattle board but I want to know if anyone knows much about raising alpacas? Is there any money to be made in the Alpaca industry? I know they are very expensive to buy & suppose to be easy to care for but that is about all I know. I would love to know of any experience anybody...
  16. Kelly


    Why do I keep getting this message everytime I click on a topic? Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpbb_rtrim() in /home/cattleto/public_html/forum/viewtopic.php on line 49
  17. Kelly

    Technical feed question?

    I have this mixed up for me & I am really just wondering if I am missing something in my feed. I am staying as all natural as I possibly can in everything I feed. I use this feed mainly for my steer I am feeding out & calves for creep & also to supplement my heifers & cows when the weather is...
  18. Kelly


    I have wanted to ask you...Are those Bearded Collies in your avatar? I have always wanted a Beardie but couldn't find one when I was looking a couple years back.
  19. Kelly

    open cow

    I have a cow I bought a year ago November. She was supposedly bred but when I preg tested her she was open. I Ai'd her last December & she did not take. I put her with a bull this summer. I preg tested her just last week & she is open again. I am almost positive this guy just sold me all his...
  20. Kelly

    Lymes disease

    After all this time trying to find out why my POA is so sore and miserable & thinking it is founder. We have had many vet opinions & most have leaned to founder with an old hip injury. Anyway a new vet came out to do xrays but after looking at her we decided to run blood work first & do xrays if...