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    Calf with growth near eye

    Does this look like a cyst or something else to y’all? I haven’t had anything in the area near the eye like this before. It’s on a 10 month old calf. It’s firm if you touch it, and cant squeeze it like you might be able to some abscesses. It seems to be under the skin in the eyelid and not on...
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    F-150 Ecoboost

    Does anyone here know about or have experience with the Ford Ecoboost? I’m having to update my daily driver and want it to be a 1/2 ton truck that can still be used as a work truck around the farm. I’ve heard good things about the F-150 with the Ecoboost, but don’t see a lot around with high...
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    Cow went car shopping

    I guess She wanted to get a better look up close at the new cars than she was used to watching them from the other side of the fence going down the road. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/fugitive-c ... -the-place
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    Vermeer 504r Classic Baler

    Does anyone here have any experience with the 504r Classic balers? Evidently they are the model that replaced the Rebel. Our local dealer has a pretty good deal on one on their lot, and we’re considering trading our old Super I in on it. Thanks for any info.
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    Cow with skin condition

    I know most likely the vet will need to come out for diagnosis, but has anyone got an idea what this might be? I've never had one with spots like this on their skin. They are primarily down along her neck to her brisket and a few near her rear end. It's a cow I've had a couple years and I...
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    Got a snake problem?

    Give her a call. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/31/el ... andle.html
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    My pard...

    That's great. She looks like a sweetheart. Sounds like it's been a blessing for both of you. She has more than earned her keep. The best dog we ever had was a stray that showed up like that.
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    Sad state of our society

    This happened just a little ways up the road from us. We've got some friends that have been trying for a long time to have a child without being blessed with one yet, then you see two low lifes doing something unspeakable like this. :mad: It breaks your heart for the little one, but it will be...
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    Puts things into perspective

    Went out to check the cows tonight and found a good 5 year old cow that was about a month from calving laying belly up. She looked like she had either got knocked down or rolled over slightly down hill in some mud and couldn't get up. I know if you're going to have livestock you're going to lose...
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    Triple W Livestock Sale Cookeville,TN

    My wife and I might be near the Cookeville area the days of the Triple W Livestock sale next month. Has anyone here ever been to it? I didn't know if it was something worthwhile to go to or not. It looks like they have had some pretty interesting stuff in the past.
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    Hay in N.E. Tennessee

    If anybody has hay for sale anywhere near Northeast Tennessee, it would probably be worth your while to advertise on craigslist or another advertisement in this area. We had a late frost and a dry spring and summer, so there is a strong demand for it right now. The UT research station in...
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    My wife was talking to an old vet friend the other day about a cow that we recently lost. In the course of their conversation he asked if we had magnesium out for them. She told him that we always keep good minerals out year round, and feed high mag minerals in the spring and part of summer...
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    Case IH 485 info/opinions

    I've been looking at replacing the Ford 3000 with a little bit newer and larger tractor. Buddy of mine came across a late 80's model Case IH 485 4WD with a Hardy front end loader. It's got around 2,000 hours on it. Anybody got much experience with these tractors? I've never worked with a...
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    Russian Truck flips with load of cattle

    Sorry if this video has already been posted on here. I just saw it today. They said the driver and all of the cows survived. Crazy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7CNR2bAh3Y
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    Cow caught breaking and entering

    This was on the front page of our local paper today: "A runaway cow destined for the slaughterhouse exacted revenge on humans last Friday during a frenzied bid for freedom. The agitated animal remained at large until Sunday, when it was dispatched by the owner of a house it trashed Friday...
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    Troy Calhoun New vols coach?

    Looks like we got Derek Dooley. His previous head coaching record kinda makes me nervous, but I liked what I heard in his press conference. Sounds like he worked with Saban for a few years at LSU too. Seemed like a nice guy. That don't mean nothin as far as coaching, but nice to have a coach...