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  1. angel5

    new rescue in springfield Mo. traind LGD

    i hope you all dont mind but if we can help eachother fill a need then i thought this would be ok. SPRINGFIELD MO: 1 yo male Anatolian x Pyrenees; good with dogs, cats, horses, goats and chickens!! Sweet boy that is in a shelter! For more info and pictures click on the link below. Please...
  2. angel5

    Need help walking the dog (not vice versa!!)

    i agree with CypertJ i have used these in the past with good results they look wicked but really just feel like a pinch to the dog. also if you use a short lead its bout a foot or so long NEVER use a retractable leash i hate those, seems peoples dogs are always trying to challenge my dogs when...
  3. angel5

    litter boxes ??

    Our barn cats have an automatic litter box these aren't maintenance free sometimes you have to use the scooper to scrap poop off the "teeth" of the part that goes over the little cuz it will get caught. also they are very handy everything ends up in little chamber and you pick it up and can...
  4. angel5

    Shameless plug for trained livestock guardian dogs

    Alice the cost involved is usually around $350 or less to adopt one. You could also foster one and see if it is a fit BEFORE you adopt. these are some amazing dogs and they will decide if something is a threat usually they are spot on. we had a cougar come onto the property and out Anatolian and...
  5. angel5

    anyone have a tortilla soup recipe?

    WOW! thank you so much! i will have a very happy Husband for this... angel
  6. angel5

    anyone have a tortilla soup recipe?

    Hubby wants tortilla soup....don't have any idea how to do it....help please. :help: thanks in advance
  7. angel5

    Shameless plug for trained livestock guardian dogs

    OK this is a shameless plug i must admit....if you are interested in livestock guard dogs (not cattle dogs or herders) they are strictly guard dogs for your livestock this is a rescue these dogs are not for sale. they were bred to fight off wolves and will back up a pack of coyotes, these are...
  8. angel5

    Please help

    Our pup killed 5 of ours! we kept correcting her over and over she has FINALLY grown out of it...its like it just clicked one day. oh wait i am supposed to guarding them not eating them! also when we used to give her eggs...we stopped that and it has helped. don't give up on her she will come...
  9. angel5

    Does any body raise chickens

    We have 75 black sex links.....i think this is our last year of so many..too much work for what they are. our dog LOVES chicken....brat...ate 5 of them. she is growing out of it now...thank God!